Muscle Tech 100% Premium Mass Gainer 5.4kg




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100% Premium Mass Gainer Product Details:

– Test Subjects Gained Significantly More Muscle
– Helps Build Mass, Increase Strength & Accelerate Recovery
– Provides 50g of Quality Protein and 261g of Energy-Providing Carbs
– Features Added BCAAs, Essential Vitamins, Minerals, Glutamine, and Creatine

NEW Power-Packed Mass building Formula
NEW 100% Premium Mass Gainer helps you meet your unique caloric needs by delivering a massive 1,270 calories, including 50 grams of high-quality protein and 261 grams of energy-providing carbs in every serving. It even features essential vitamins, minerals, a complete spectrum of amino acids, and a compound shown in scientific studies to help build muscle size and strength. So you know it’s going to work!

Scientifically Shown to Help Build More Mass

100% Premium Mass Gainer delivers everything you want to build the bigger and stronger frame you’ve always wanted as part of your training program! In fact, in one scientific study, subjects taking 2,000 calories (found in approximately 1.5 servings of 100% Premium Mass Gainer) gained significantly more muscle than the control group. In the same study, subjects also added more size to their chest and arms! For a truly advanced, great-tasting mass building formula that really works, upgrade to 100% Premium Mass Gainer today!