Bio-Gen Innovations Myo-Bolic YK-11 90 caps


Bio-Gen Innovations

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YK 11 Bio-Gen Innovations belongs to the so-called SARM of selective androgen receptor modulators. One capsule contains a dose of 5 mg of substance. The preparation increases the body’s ability to build lean muscle mass. A potent inhibitor of myostatin reduces its activity by allowing high muscle gains. The powerful compound exhibits amazing anabolic effects on both muscle and bone tissue. It is a really adequate preparation that brings results quickly. In addition to the actual impact on the development of muscles, it has an impressive effect on the increase in muscle hardness, strength and also increases libido.

To ensure the best results in the gym, anyone who accepts this relationship should stay active and exercise regularly. As long as you follow these recommendations, the effects of a great silhouette without unnecessary fat, you have a brick. The supplement is recommended for people with genetics with limited ability to build high muscle mass gains, which are extremely difficult to obtain new muscles and maintain their mass at the desired level.


1 capsule 3 times a day