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Everybuild Cryo Beef Amino is a product of the evolution of the dietary supplements industry and can be considered a breakthrough. Cryo Beef Amino is the first product in the world composed of amino acids derived from iron refined erythrocytes. The formula has a unique high bioavailability, which is mainly due to the high content of leucine and other amino acids, including the most anabolic BCAAs. Cryo Beef Amino has the highest level of amino acids and proteins from the available products on the market, up to 2 grams of amino acids for each tablet! Cryo Beef Amino should not be compared with lower-grade amino acids derived from beef waste.

Product features:
Increase protein synthesis
Increase and optimize regeneration
High anti-catabolic properties
8 grams of protein in 1 serving
Unique high bioavailability of up to 97%
High leucine content
High BCAA content
Refined from iron from the blood and other trace elements
Very low collagen content which proves the highest quality product
Extremely fast absorption and access to the bloodstream (PLASMA INFUSION ™)

Cryo Beef Amino is a pure, peptide-linked amino acid formed in the extraction, hydrolysis, and two-step drying processes of sterile beef erythrocytes. This revolutionary technology guarantees the refining process and eliminates the high iron content in their interiors, making them safe for consumption and use. Erythrocytes are also known as red blood cells. They hold the hemoglobin responsible for delivering oxygen from the lungs to the muscles and other tissues in the body.

The amino acid profile of bovine erythrocytes exceeds the amino acid profile of beefsteak and whey protein. This is mainly due to the high amino acid content of leucine and other BCAA amino acids valine and isoleucine, which are the most important for building muscle tissue. In addition to bcaa, Cryo Beef also contains a high level of all-day amino acids that make up the diet.

Each dose contains up to 8 grams of optimally balanced amino acids. They are exceptionally quickly absorbed thanks to the low molecular weight of 1000 U. For comparison, the casein protein mass is 300,000 U and the whey protein 60,000U significantly extends the absorption period, so Cryo Beef Amino is the ideal product for use when we need to provide our amino acids extremely quickly. body. Cryo Beef Amino enters the circulatory system and reaches the muscle cells a few minutes after admission (PLASMA INFUSION ™ technology).

Used before training, Cryo Beef Amino prevents the breakdown of muscle tissue during physical activity thanks to the strong anti-catabolic action. After applying Cryo Beef Amino, many regeneration processes begin and protein synthesis increases due to the high content of leucine. For additional stimulation of muscle growth, an extra portion before bedtime can be used.


Take 4 tablets before and 4 tablets after training. Additionally, you can add 4 tablets before bedtime. On the day of rest, take 4 tablets in the morning and 4 tablets before going to bed.

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