Koka Labz Double Yohimbine 10mg 100caps


Koka Labz

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Yohimbine is a plant-derived agent extracted from the bark and leaves of the Yohimbe tree. Its most significant advantage is that it is very effective in promoting fat burning.

It blocks alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, stimulating the sympathetic nervous system and increasing adrenaline and noradrenaline production. These receptors are found primarily in resistant fat tissues (thighs, buttocks, hips, lower waist region). Their “deactivation” promotes lipolysis and weight loss.

Koka Labz DOUBLE YOHIMBINE is a unique supplement that contains two synergistically acting forms of yohimbine. We are talking about yohimbine HCL and 11-hydroxy yohimbine. Thanks to this combination, the effectiveness of the preparation rises to a much higher level! This is because the binding of alpha-2 receptors and the half-life of the substance in the blood are maximized. The product has the following benefits:

reduction of body fat,
Improved libido and stimulation of the erection centre,
stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system,
dilation of blood vessels,
reduction of body weight,
positive effect on mood.

The increase above in hormone levels increases blood pressure and heart rate. In addition, it facilitates weight control by enhancing lipolysis of fats and burning fat tissue in resistant body regions (stomach, buttocks, thighs).


Take two capsules daily – one immediately after waking up and another at lunchtime. There are 100 capsules in the package.


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