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Koka Labz is an American company that manufactures supplements highly valued for high-quality products at an affordable price. Phenibut and Piracetam with a guaranteed purity of 98%. Thanks to the high quality of its products, Kokalabz is quickly gaining recognition in the supplement market. This is confirmed by many users who keep returning for more of these supplements, which proves the excellent quality and purity.

Piracetam Koka Labz:

Piracetam is a nootropic compound in the Racetam family. Piracetam is a Nootropic agent belonging to the racetam group of compounds that displays cognitive-enhancing properties. Piracetam acts on your brain and nervous system. It is thought to protect your brain’s part called the cerebral cortex against a lack of oxygen. The cerebral cortex is responsible for your thoughts and actions and plays a role in your movement, reasoning, perception, and recognition—mechanisms of action. Piracetam improves the neurotransmitter acetylcholine function via muscarinic cholinergic (ACh) receptors, which are implicated in memory processes. Furthermore, piracetam may affect NMDA glutamate receptors, which are involved with learning and memory processes.

Some of the benefits of using Piracetam:

1.boost brain function

2.reduce dyslexia symptoms

3.protect against myoclonic seizures

4.reduce dementia and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease

5.reduce inflammation and provide pain relief


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Piracetam – a derivative of 2-pyrrolidone with a structure similar to the neurotransmitter inhibiting GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid); a nootropic drug with excellent oral bioavailability (100%) and a half-life of 4-8 hours, therefore it should be used in divided doses, e.g., three times a day. He is called the father of all raclettes.

The mechanism of action of piracetam has not been completely elucidated. Apparently, it facilitates the synthesis of high-energy compounds in the nervous tissue. It increases energy reserves by improving the use of glucose and oxygen in neurons of the central nervous system and increasing the tolerance of nerve cells to reduced oxygen. Also, preventing the aggregation (sticking) of morphotic elements reduces blood viscosity and improves microcirculation in the cerebral vessels.

There are also reports on the influence of piracetam on the improvement of the production of neurotransmitters and the stimulation of their release from nerve endings. Probably it is about increasing the level of dopamine, GABA, and noradrenaline and improving the neurotransmission on the central neuronal pathways of these neurotransmitters, which is particularly noticeable in the states of reduced activity in these places.

The action of piracetam results in the improvement of psychophysical fitness, the concentration of attention, ability to memorize and reproduce information stored in long-term memory. It is also used in patients with sickle cell anemia because it prevents the erosion of erythrocytes and has a positive effect on the flexibility of their cell membrane.



1 serving (1g) from 1 to 3 times a day.

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