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The chemical structure Phenibut is essentially a modified version of the GABA neurotransmitter with an added phenyl group molecule. By making this small change, we get a supplement that successfully crosses the blood-brain barrier much more accessible than when directly taking GABA supplements. In fact, the mere use of GABA is ineffective mainly because this neurotransmitter can not cross the blood-brain barrier in any way in its natural form.

GABA must be synthesized in the brain so that it can be used there. When it reaches the central nervous system, it binds to the GABA receptor sites, which results in increased stimulation of GABA-responsive neurons. GABA is so essential, especially for people suffering from anxiety and excessive stress. It is considered the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the human body. It is a chemical substance mainly responsible for turning off the brain when it is too excited or exciting. From a chemical point of view, when the brain is keen, too many neurons work simultaneously. In the case of too much stress, the neurons seem almost incapable of giving way.

GABA comes to the rescue and can reduce this excessive activity, resulting in less stimulation and reduced symptoms of anxiety and stress. Phenibut has numerous satisfied users who praise its effectiveness in nervousness, generally enabling relaxation and better well-being. Some users applaud Phenibut for staying late in the evening to help in a more peaceful sleep and promote lucid dreaming. People take Phenibut as a relaxing substance instead of harmful alcohol because some of the effects of this relationship have some similarities.

There are several effects of using this nootropic. We can include improvement of memory, learning, concentration, and even making essential decisions. In addition to using Phenibut as a dietary supplement, it is also administered in the medical world as a panacea for various body dysfunctions. In Russia and some other European countries, doctors often prescribe Phenibut as medicine for sleep disorders, insomnia, and multiple fears. Phenibut is generally considered a safe supplement when you follow the instructions on how to use it correctly. It has been proven that Phenibut raises dopamine levels in the brain resulting in improved mood and increased libido.

The study results indicate that Phenibut significantly improves the functioning of the brain, leading to the normalization of brain tissue metabolism and modulating the blood flow in the central nervous system. Phenibut will help you achieve a natural mental balance without showing any adverse effects on psychomotor functions. It is an excellent product for learners, working during periods of intense physical and mental effort, and those who can not cope with everyday fast life, where stress and anxiety accompany you.

Research Purposes Only Not For Human Consumption