Brawn Nutrition Protodrol (120caps)


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Brawn Nutrition Protodrol 120 Caps

Today’s world is all about pursuing a perfect, muscular figure, which does not only apply to men. Men work out at the gym, pouring their best sweat in the fight for an ideal look. Often, to achieve such spectacular results, people reach for nonlegal and safe substances to accelerate muscle tissue growth and burn fat faster. Meanwhile, supplements have appeared on the market with a prohormone, which is harmless to health and practical.

Prohormones are a group of supplements that can behave like steroids in the body. No new hormones are introduced into the body by applying them because prohormones already work on what they find in the body. Increased strength, faster muscle growth, and development are all caused by taking prohormones.

Protodrol is hard to find a supplement. Regular intake provides a relatively rapid increase in vascularity and body fat reduction. Muscles appear more full, compact, and dry. Protodrol raises bilirubin levels in the liver without side effects, and testosterone levels also increase. Within four weeks, there is a rapid weight gain and increased energy, making workouts more intense.

17a-methyl-5a-androst-17b-ol – a testosterone derivative, which is the main ingredient in Protodrol. It ensures weight gain, muscle mass, endurance, and strength. It is worth noting that it does not convert into estrogens and does not cause water retention. It has a positive influence on body regeneration.


Protodrol should be taken daily in 2-3 tablets maximum. It can be used in combination with other prohormones. It is safe for the body and does not cause gynecomastia, liver damage, or libido problems.