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If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have time to provide your body with the best nutrients – then this product is made for you! Organic protein is a dietary supplement that provides your body with organic proteins from the best source, is non-GMO, and is USDA Organic certified. What more could you want?

The product includes nutrients such as:

20 grams of plant protein, which is an essential building block for our muscles,
7 grams of fiber, which regulates bowel function, improve digestion, and, of course, minimizes the risk of colon and bowel cancer,
only 2 grams of sugar.

Other ingredients include:

Vitamin A – organic compounds, the most important form of which is retinol. It supports vision, strengthens epithelial and bone tissues, exhibits antioxidant and anticancer properties. Furthermore, it accelerates skin regeneration, lowers cholesterol, improves the work of sexual organs. In addition, it favorably influences the immune system and dental enamel.

Vitamin C – ascorbic acid is necessary for the proper functioning of the organism. Supports the immune system, seals up blood vessels, regulates blood pressure and cholesterol. In addition, it fights free radicals, accelerates wound healing, slows down the aging process. Besides, it takes part in collagen biosynthesis.

Calcium – a mineral component that is the basis of connective tissue, bones, and teeth. It plays a role in blood clotting, regulation of hormones, conduction of nerve impulses, and cell regeneration.

Iron – a microelement, component of hemoglobin (red blood cells responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs). It is present in DNA enzymes, participates in the synthesis of neurotransmitters in the brain, and energy conversion processes.

Sodium – maintains osmotic balance (regulation of water volume in the body), acid-base balance, participates in conduction of nerve impulses, and transport of glucose and amino acids.

Organic fruit and vegetable mixture:

organic alfalfa extract – has a strengthening effect on the immune system,
organic spinach leaf – protects against atherosclerosis and has anti-cancer properties,
organic broccoli – protects against cancer, anemia, stomach ulcers, has a beneficial effect on eyesight, and regulates blood sugar levels
organic flax seeds – a source of omega 3 acids, which have beneficial effects on vision, brain function, hair, as well as having anti-inflammatory properties and improving heart function
organic blueberries – inhibit diarrhea and help treat food poisoning.

A blend of digestive enzymes and probiotics:

papain – speeds up digestion,
lactospora – stabilizes the functioning of the organism.


The product is recommended to be consumed in 36 grams per day (2 scoops).