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Super PCT is a comprehensive product designed after the use of prohormones. It contains ingredients that increase testosterone levels, is highly anti-estrogenic, promotes liver regeneration and protects the heart and prostate.

Advantages of Super PCT:
ALL in ONE formula for PCT
Increases testosterone production
Regenerates the liver
It protects the heart and prostate

We have already mentioned in several articles about PCT validity a few times. PCT is the abbreviation of the English post-cycle-therapy phrase. This is the period after the end of the use of prohormone products. For this period, it is typical to lower your testosterone secretion, increase estrogen levels and completely deteriorate if you leave the body completely without support. Just as it is our dream to strive in the cycles for the largest increase in muscle mass, we should be equally responsible for the PCT period, because this stage determines how much of this priceless mass we will manage to maintain.

In practice, there are cases known, and relatively often it happens that primarily novice athletes and young people do not think about the period after the cycle and leave their bodies simply natural destruction. The main goal of this phase is to increase testosterone production by natural means and regeneration of the liver. We have two options to choose from, get an available testosterone booster and hard-to-find remedies for liver regeneration or the second, more accessible way, as well as more discrete and economical to buy a Super PCT product. You will not need anything else anymore. Super PCT is not only suitable for use after cycles with prohormones, but also after steroid cycles, when products are replaced as clomid or tamoxifen.

PCT is an expression that refers to products that play a role after the prohormone cycle. During this period, its main task is to launch natural testosterone production and estrogen regulation. In the period when a person uses prohormones, production of hormones is inhibited. It’s all about testosterone. The body tends to compensate for its condition and increases estrogen levels. At the end of the cycle, your testosterone production can even go down to zero. The main task is for your body to work in such a way that the testosterone values ​​reach where they should and its condition returns to the time before treatment. You must realize that even during the PCT period, when you try again to start testosterone production, you will still have too much estrogen.

Buying PCT is the most important thing you need to do after a prohormone cycle. Because excess estrogen and lowered testosterone levels can literally destroy your body. You will lose all your muscles, you may have sex drive problems, gynecomastia, irritation, depression or extreme fatigue.

These are the reasons why PCT is the most important part of the prohormone cycle. It is necessary to use it after each cycle! Not only because of the restart of hormones, but also because of the protection of the heart and liver.


1 capsule 2-3 times a day.