Sputnik 90caps ACP-105 5mg


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Red Army Sputnik ACP-105

Strength sports enthusiasts are increasingly using substances belonging to the SARMs group. These are compounds that act in a manner similar to steroids, but at the same time, they have virtually no side effects. This, in turn, explains the immense popularity currently enjoyed by-products containing SARMs.

One of the compounds belonging to this group is ACP-105. Compared to other SARMs (e.g., ligandrol LG-4033), ACP-105 is a relatively unknown substance. Therefore, not many people have any knowledge about it. However, it is worth filling in the gaps in information because ACP-105 has a really huge potential. It has been spotted by the Red Army company, which has released Sputnik capsules containing the described compound.

As you know, SARMs are substances that are selective androgen receptor modulators. Thus, they only have a stimulating effect on specific cells – primarily on bone and muscle tissue. This is why their supplementation provides several beneficial effects. When it comes to ACP-105, taking this compound can guarantee, among other things:

– more intense muscle mass gains;

– Increased muscle endurance and volume;

– Improved mineralization of bone tissue;

– a noticeable increase in energy levels.

Importantly, ACP-105 has a slightly weaker effect than most compounds from the SARMs group, so it will be a suitable choice for people who have never taken similar preparations before. Through this form of supplementation, you can quickly check the effects and benefits of ACP-105.

With a slightly lighter effect, both men and women can use the Red Army Sputnik formula. Naturally, the critical issue during such supplementation is to follow all of the manufacturer’s dosage recommendations!


One Red Army Sputnik tablet contains 5 milligrams of ACP-105, which is the recommended daily dose for women. So, one capsule should be taken with plenty of water immediately after a meal. On the other hand, men should take a dose of 10 milligrams, which is two capsules. The manufacturer recommends that one dose be taken in the morning (after breakfast) and the other only in the evening. Moreover, ACP-105, like other SARMs, should be taken for a maximum period of about 2-3 months.