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Xtend Pro Whey isolate is a dietary supplement source of whey protein isolate (WPI). Thanks to this product, fat burning, and faster regeneration will be much easier. The product will be a perfect fit for all people whose primary goal is to achieve muscle growth or regeneration. What should the supplementation of this product look like?


Let us start with the composition, which is the strong point of the presented preparation. Xtend Pro Whey IsoIate has less than 150 kcal and several grams of carbohydrates per serving – an excellent result, right? The supplement combines all the benefits of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) and ultra-pure whey protein isolate. The result is one of the best regeneration products, which is also extremely low in calories. All this is to optimize the regeneration, recovery, and growth of our muscles.

BCAA – branched-chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), participating in protein structure formation. They facilitate muscle mass building, support regeneration, stimulate protein synthesis and inhibit catabolism of muscle proteins.

Whey protein isolate – one of the most popular types of whey protein in supplementation. It is characterized by high pure protein content (85-90%), excellent absorption, easy digestibility, solubility, and anabolic-anti-catabolic activity.

It should also be noted that the product does not contain any artificial flavors.


It is recommended to take one to three servings (32 g each) of the product daily, depending on your needs. The protein may be dissolved in water or milk.