Yamamoto Nutrition Ultra B Advanced – 60 tablets


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Yamamoto Nutrition Ultra B ADVANCED is a food supplement providing a broad spectrum of B vitamins, suitable for reduced intake or increased requirements. Vitamins B2, B12, and niacin reduce tiredness and fatigue; vitamin B1, biotin, and pantothenic acid contribute to the average energy-yielding metabolism. Furthermore, folate contributes to the regular amino acid synthesis, and vitamin B6 contributes to physiological protein and glycogen metabolism. The product is completed with Inositol and choline bitartrate.

Contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue states, as the normal functioning of the nervous and psychological system. That’s why we find contained in many dietary supplements “tonics” for specific periods of high stress of various kinds (super job, intense study, emotional stress). The intestinal microflora would also produce some of the vitamin B complexes. Still, its alteration can affect the synthesis, e.g., antibiotic therapies or depressive states of the immune system. The vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid are also helpful for the control of homocysteinemia. But the distinction of Ultra B Advanced compared to the many supplements B vitamins?

Yamamoto has as its mission to create supplements that are of the highest scientific efficacy. Also, in this case, it is wanted to offer a “plus.” It’s called “methylcobalamin” and is a methylated form and definitely more absorbable of cobalamin (vitamin B12), with the result that taking even an even smaller dose will result in a greater bioavailability, reaching “a destination” where needed.

When you maintain adequate levels of this cobalamin or vitamin B12, you will have the highest expression of this, supporting the nervous, immune, and circulatory systems. In addition, because of its effect of direct passage to the brain, this supplement can help increase mental functions such as memory and attention, improving your overall well-being.

Here quickly explained why these supplements are called “tonic.”It is also noted that methylcobalamin aid the body to synthesize melatonin more effectively and thus aid thus indirectly to regulate sleep cycles and circadian rhythms of the body. Another very curious and essential benefit resulting from an adequate intake of this compound of methylcobalamin is that it can help the body protect against harmful toxins. The presence of Choline bitartrate Inositol will further support the liver function in the critical detoxification processes (methylated) that the B complex and assists in the metabolism of fats and cholesterol.

Here we could really say “the effective unity is strength”!