Yamamoto Nutrition UltraCASEIN Complex 2kg



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Yamamoto Nutrition UltraCASEIN Complex dietary supplement is intended for intensively training athletes. The product contains, among others, micellar casein, which provides the body with high-quality amino acids and L-glutamine.

The product contributes to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass and protects the body against catabolism after exercise and at night, stimulating the regeneration and expansion of muscle tissue. The supplement mainly consists of:

Casein – a high-quality protein derived from milk; thanks to ultrafiltration at low temperature, it retains all nutritional values. In addition, it is used to ensure the gradual release of amino acids into the muscles over a long period. Therefore, it is an ideal source of protein to consume between meals. Casein is rich in amino acids (BCAAs) and L-glutamines, of which there are more here than in whey protein.

Vitamin B6 – pyridoxine, essential for the correct functioning of the body. It takes part in many biochemical processes and is responsible for the nervous system. In addition to these tasks, it also influences normal blood pressure, proper heart function, and muscle contractions.


The entire package of the supplement contains 66 servings. The recommended consumption is one serving, i.e., 30 g (3 scoops), mixed with 250 ml of water and consumed immediately after preparation.

Ultra Casein Complex is an ideal source of protein and a product that boosts metabolism and supports the building of an athletic physique and maintaining a healthy body.