SARM – RAD-140 (Testolone)

Being called “the most potent compound of the SARMs group” simply has to generate a lot of interest. This is one reason why RAD-140 is currently one of the most popular substances of this type. On the other hand, its popularity should not be explained only by good reviews. Numerous studies are confirming the effectiveness of this compound in increasing the anabolic capacity of the body. What is more, currently, RAD-140 is considered a really safe substance, even when taken for a more extended period. That is why in this text, we will shed some more light on the famous Testolone.

How was RAD-140 created?

Aging is a process that leads to a gradual degradation of almost all of our body’s functions. It is not without reason that seniors are the most vulnerable to osteoporosis and problems related to lack of mobility. Why is this happening? On the one hand, it is caused by the loss of muscle tissue, and on the other, by the decrease in the level of bone mineralization. Unfortunately, both of these problems are caused by aging. Therefore, it is not surprising that researchers are trying to find a remedy for the described diseases.

Interestingly, such a remedy was supposed to be… RAD-140! The manufacturer of this compound, Radius Health Inc., claimed that Testolone may help treat the ailments described above. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, RAD-140 would be a safer alternative to testosterone-based therapy. The first studies indeed confirmed that Testolone increases lean muscle mass in humans. After all, as a compound from the SARMs group, it affects the androgen receptors that stimulate the body to produce muscle tissue.

It is worth noting that RAD-140 is still in the clinical trials phase. Recently, scientists have focused on a completely different aspect of this compound’s activity. It turned out that RAD-140 properties may help women suffering from hormone-dependent breast cancer. If the results of such studies are confirmed, Testolone may also bring hope to female cancer patients.

RAD-140 as an aid for athletes

Despite ongoing testing, compounds from the SARMs group have already found considerable recognition in the world of sports. However, this is hardly surprising. They are now seen as an effective and, at the same time, much safer alternative to anabolic steroids. How does RAD-140 compare to such substances?

First of all, it has to be admitted that RAD-140 is considered a strong anabolic for a reason. In this respect, its properties can be imposing. According to researchers, taking RAD-140 and testosterone supplementation in practice provide relatively similar effects. Thus, individuals using RAD-140 can look forward to impressive gains in muscle mass.

However, despite appearances, it is not the high anabolic potential of this compound’s most unique feature. Researchers found that Testolone may clearly reduce adverse effects of androgenic agents! Such an effect results from decreasing the expression of estrogen receptors. Thus RAD-140 is a good alternative for SAA users.

Some reports also claim that Testolone may have a neuroprotective effect on our nervous system. Here again, the mechanism of action has to do with hormonal balance, as the synthesis of most hormones occurs directly in the brain. In addition, RAD-140 is supposed to promote synaptic connections and support the functioning of neurons.

How to take RAD-140?

In RAD-140, the dosage is usually based on the use of small amounts of this compound. There is an unwritten rule of thumb among strength-trainers that takes about 5-10 milligrams of RAD-140 per day. Such recommendations may result from research showing that Testolone taken even in low doses ensures anabolic effects. Of course, the range given is heavily averaged, as some people take lower or higher doses. Nevertheless, the critical factor in this respect will be the body’s individual reaction to the supplementation used. In case of problems, you can simply lower or increase the dose you are taking.

A separate issue is a question of combining RAD-140 with other agents. The most natural choice seems to be taking it along with testosterone. This way, the effects of supplementation will be much better as RAD-140 taken alone may actually decrease natural testosterone levels. Therefore, supplementing its classes will be very important then. As far as other SARMs are concerned, they can be freely combined with RAD-140, but the dosage of both should be carefully chosen.

The best RAD-140 – how to choose it?

Trainees may now be wondering how to choose the best RAD-140. Of course, this compound is only available as a dietary supplement. Therefore, when making such a purchase, it is advisable to be guided primarily by the manufacturer’s reputation. Choosing a verified source of purchase is also of great importance. When it comes to RAD-140 UK, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer of our store. As a Cross The Limits brand, we make sure that our assortment includes only proven and fully-fledged products!


Testolone is a compound with strong anabolic properties, which can certainly help you gain muscle mass quickly. However, its properties should not be reduced to that aspect alone. It is also important to remember that RAD-140 may also reduce the expression of estrogen receptors. This is especially important for people who experience the adverse effects of doping or SSA products. Importantly, Testolone has no toxic effects on the pancreas or liver, making it a safe means of supplementation. Nevertheless, you should remember to adjust the dose you take to your body’s needs and capabilities.