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Natural Anabolic`s vs Steroids

Natural Anabolic`s vs Steroids

Strength training and working on your figure often require supplements to be introduced into your diet, which has an additional effect on muscle hypertrophy and fat tissue reduction. There are many products on the market. It is important that the one we reach for does not have a negative impact on our health and does not cause difficulties during exercise, which not only does not have a positive effect on building the figure but may even significantly limit the possibility of using the gym.


What are anabolics, and what is their importance in the diet of an athlete?

Anabolics are anabolic androgenic steroids, classified as naturally or synthetically produced steroids. They have a strong anabolic effect, which results in the accelerated division of cells forming specific body tissues. Most often, they are derivatives of testosterone or 19-nortestosterone.
Although the use of anabolics may not have positive associations, there are preparations on the market that do not harm athletes’ health and well-being, and they are even considered necessary in the diet of people who start training or want to do it professionally. Thus, one of the main tasks attributed to anabolics includes hydration of the body, which is essential during training.

How do anabolics affect hydration?

To understand the essence of using safe anabolics during strength training, it is essential to point out why hydration is crucial in an exerciser.
It is the proper hydration of the body during exercise that influences capabilities and successes achieved, and even health. The human body is mainly made up of water – in men, it makes up 70 percent of body composition, and in women, 60 percent.

The water content decreases with age, but it is still essential for life. It is, therefore, necessary to stay hydrated and to replenish the water lost through exercise. This is when the temperature rises, which significantly increases the need for fluids. This is why anabolics such as collagen and glucosamine are recommended. Until recently, organic sulfur in the form of methylsulphonylmethane (MSM) was also sought after but was not available for some time due to EU legislation. Now it is available again, which specialists consider appropriate because it is the amino acids of collagen, glucosamine, and organic sulfur that directly affect the components of connective tissue and are indispensable in the regeneration process.

Effects of different types of anabolics on muscle performance during strength training

Experts point out that individual anabolics have an impact on the performance of the body. An example is a sulfur, a component of cartilage and connective tissue, which affects proper hydration, flexibility, and elasticity. This also makes muscles strong.
Supplementation with sulfur is most often in the form of MSM, which affects the passive musculoskeletal apparatus. It is indicated that a deficiency of sulfur in an athlete’s body during high physical effort has negative consequences in the form of, among others, the occurrence of joint problems.
During physical exertion, the proper hydration principles refer to the necessity to reach for appropriate drinks already when we exercise for more than an hour. Adequate hydration is also necessary when training regularly and very intensively, e.g., to reduce body fat.
In anabolics, there is a concentration of water and nutrients, which is similar to human blood. These types of drinks also allow you to replenish glycogen stores in your muscles. Sodium is also an essential ingredient, affecting the regulation of water balance in the body, found in anabolics. The correct sodium concentration during strength training should be 6 mg/100 ml, and sugar – 8 mg/100 ml of the product.

Nowadays, strength training is the basis for specialized training. However, it should always be done with the right preparation and care for the body’s hydration. It is vital to supply the body with the necessary nutrients and supportive elements, thus effectively building the physique and muscle mass.

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