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Immediately after training, most athletes reach for a protein supplement. This is a perfectly understandable choice because, without protein, the body cannot rebuild damaged muscle fibers. That’s why protein supplements work well in this case. But that doesn’t mean it’s the only right choice after training. Special post-workout supplements can provide just as much benefit. So what are their properties, and what should you know about such supplements?

Post-workout – what is it?

Post-workout supplements are the equivalent of popular pre-training supplements. However, by their name, such supplements should be taken not before but after exercise. This is because their composition has been developed in such a way as to support processes related to muscle hypertrophy. These, in turn, intensify after exercise. This is why post-workout supplements can be an excellent addition to your daily supplementation.

What does post-workout do?

If you have been training for a long time, you must know that effective muscle recovery is key to achieving the correct figure results. Of course, the recovery rate is an individual issue. On the other hand, everyone can achieve additional benefits by using post-workout nutrients. These include substances such as beta-alanine, creatine, and betaine. Each of these compounds has a very positive effect on the regeneration process, although the mechanism of their action is slightly different. It is also worth stressing at this point that post-workout nutrients are a pretty diverse group of products. That is why individual preparations from this category may differ from each other to a greater or lesser extent.

When to use post-workout?

Post-workout supplements are designed to provide the body with substances supporting the regeneration process immediately. That’s why they should be used directly after exercise. This way, you can achieve by far the most significant benefits from this method of supplementation.

How to use post-workout?

The method of taking post-workout supplements is not very different from that of other supplements. Such supplements are usually available in the form of a simple powder to be mixed with water. Therefore, you can prepare and drink such a drink immediately after exercise. In this way, the body will receive a stimulus for faster and more effective regeneration.

Post-workout dosage

The recommended dosage of post-workout supplements depends solely on the recommendations of the manufacturer of the given product. There is no universal formula here, as individual nutrients have different compositions. Therefore the dosage itself must be adjusted to the ingredients contained in the given preparation. Why? Because some substances can only be taken in milligrams, others in grams. This, in turn, makes it necessary for manufacturers to determine the optimal dosage of the preparation.
What is more, sometimes, the label of a given nutrient contains additional information concerning the dosage. Sometimes manufacturers assume that, e.g., the most advanced people can use double the dose of a supplement. Unfortunately, such a relationship also works the other way round, as beginners often start their supplementation with half the recommended dose.

How to choose post-workout?

The post-workout supplements available on the market have several standard features. Practically every preparation of this type contains at least the most essential amino acids (e.g., beta-alanine and citrulline). On the other hand, manufacturers of such supplements try to enrich their composition even more. That is why new supplements with slightly modified formulas regularly appear in shops. The wide choice of post-workout preparations is excellent news for athletes. Thanks to this, everyone can find a nutrient with specific properties tailored to individual needs.

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