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Dragon Pharma ATP Force

Sometimes just before a workout, we feel full of energy and ready for action. On the other hand, we all have days when our energy seems to go out of whack. Is this just a subjective feeling? Perhaps. However, we must admit that the very concept of “energy” turns out to be very real. If you are interested in biology, you are probably already familiar with the substance known as adenosine triphosphate, or ATP.

The mentioned ATP is the primary carrier of energy in human organisms. The importance of this compound can be illustrated by one statement. If the body suddenly ran out of ATP, all our vital functions would stop within a few or several seconds. No wonder that the mentioned compound has a colossal influence on our health. The role of ATP is vital for people who train. During the physical effort, our body uses much more energy.

This is why Dragon Pharma has created a unique dietary supplement for athletes and people who train intensively. ATP Force supports the natural synthesis of adenosine triphosphate in the body. As a result, supplementation can provide a dramatic increase in perceived energy and motivation levels. This, in turn, guarantees several essential benefits, such as:

– increased strength and improved training results;
– more effective muscle hypertrophy;
– faster post-workout recovery.

ATP Force is based on four key ingredients.

CreaPure™ – pure creatine monohydrate

Creatine monohydrate is a compound well known to everyone who practices strength sports. It is the best-researched dietary supplement with proven anabolic properties. Creatine monohydrate increases muscle strength and endurance by increasing anabolic capacity throughout the body. What’s more, this mechanism of action means that taking creatine promotes the accumulation of ATP in mitochondria. Thus the body can store more of this beneficial substance.
Unfortunately, a significant disadvantage of the monohydrate is its bioavailability. This compound dissolves well only in water, so people who supplement monohydrate must take much more substantial amounts of liquid. This, in turn, causes the phenomenon of retention or excessive accumulation of water in the tissues. Fortunately, you can easily avoid this problem. CreaPure™ is a patented type of pure creatine with significantly higher bioavailability. Its unique structure makes supplementation far more effective!

Anhydrous betaine – trimethylglycine (TMG)

Betaine belongs to the group of endogenous amino acids, which means that our body can produce it. Nevertheless, additional external intake of betaine provides numerous health benefits. This is because such supplementation can lead to a sustained increase in betaine concentration in the body. Why is this important? Because betaine participates in the process of creatine synthesis! This means that the action of these amino acids complements each other.

When supplementing betaine, it is definitely best to take TMG, i.e., the anhydrous form of this compound. It is worth noting that the assimilability of trimethylglycine is very high. Thus, TMG provides the possibility of quickly increasing betaine levels in the body!


People who carefully read supplement labels will surely notice taurine in many preparations for athletes. However, nothing is surprising about this. Scientists discovered long ago that this compound has exciting properties. On the one hand, it acts as a stimulant because it gives us energy and reduces fatigue. However, taurine’s anti-catabolic potential is equally important. Research has shown that this compound effectively inhibits the breakdown of muscle tissue. Taurine supplementation thus provides athletes with double benefits!


The final ingredient in ATP Force is a truly unique formula marketed as EvelATP™. It is based on a combination of two special apple extracts and a particular type of peat. Both of these ingredients are characterized by a very high content of nutrients and minerals. This is what prompted the manufacturer to patent ElevATP ™. However, the real breakthrough turned out to be the results of subsequent studies.

Scientists found that regular intake of these substances can significantly increase ATP levels in the body. This effect was observed in all subjects. It was not until further tests proved that the highest increase in ATP concentration occurred inactive people and athletes.

What’s more, the described effect is not all. Increasing the natural level of ATP in the body also influences the functioning of mitochondria responsible for accumulating this substance. Researchers have found a correlation between higher concentrations of ATP and increased activity of these cells. It’s worth remembering because a decrease in mitochondrial activity is one of the symptoms of aging in the body. Thus, supplementation of compounds leading to increased ATP levels may become part of anti-aging medicine.


The manufacturer recommends using one dose of the preparation (about 11-12 grams of powder) per day. Inside the package, there is a spoon to measure the dose. Mix the powder thoroughly with water. One packet of ATP Force contains 30 suggested servings.