Whey Protein

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Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)

Whey protein concentrate is by far the most popular nutritional supplement on the market. With it, athletes can easily make up for any protein deficiencies in their daily diet. So what is worth knowing about such supplements?

What is whey protein concentrate?

Whey protein concentrate is a supplement derived from dairy whey. To obtain the appropriate protein content in the finished product, manufacturers use advanced milk filtration methods. These are primarily ultrafiltration and microfiltration. Both of these methods produce a smooth powder containing around 80-90% pure protein.

What is contained in whey protein?

Of course, the primary ingredient in such supplements is a complete protein. What exactly does this mean? A complete protein must contain all essential amino acids. These are amino acids that the human body cannot produce independently, so it must obtain them from food. Therefore, whey protein contains, amongst others, the famous branched-chain amino acids BCAA (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). WPC also contains small amounts of fat, sugars, and additives responsible for the supplement’s taste (e.g., flavors).

What is whey protein used for?

Whey protein is an excellent way of supplementing the protein supply in a daily menu. That is why professional athletes and people involved in strength sports are keen to use it. It is precisely such people who, due to their activity, need to provide their bodies with significantly more protein. In their case, the recommended amount of protein may be so high that it is impossible to meet it through diet. This is when a protein supplement comes into play, which is a practical and straightforward way of making up for a deficiency in this macronutrient.

How does whey protein work?

Whey protein concentrate is characterized by a high level of assimilability. Thus, consumption of such supplements allows for the short supply of additional portions of protein. Thanks to them, the organism can rebuild micro-injuries occurring during physical effort more quickly. In addition, numerous studies show that a sufficiently high supply of protein accelerates post-workout regeneration. This is one of the reasons why whey protein is a favorite supplement of athletes.

How to use whey protein?

The recommended way of using whey protein depends on the individual needs of each person. However, the general rule is that protein consumed in the form of a supplement should supplement the diet. Therefore, before starting supplementation, you should check your individual protein requirements. Only on this basis will you be able to determine the optimum dosage of protein supplements.

How do I use whey protein?

Whey protein concentrate is a highly soluble powder. Therefore, all it needs to be prepared is protein mixed with water (some choose milk instead of water). The nutrient should be mixed thoroughly to avoid lumps and then consumed immediately after preparation.

When to take whey protein?

Choosing the right time to consume WPC is also essential. One of the most common methods is to take the protein immediately after training. As for non-workout days, whey protein is usually taken: after waking up, before bed, and between meals. However, everyone should choose the supplementation scheme that best suits their needs.

How much whey protein should I take in a day?

The dosage of whey protein should be adapted to the menu. Why? Because the foods you eat are the primary source of protein. So if the daily diet does not provide an adequate amount of this macronutrient, the deficiency should be made up through supplements. As a rule, most people take 1 to 3 servings of WPC per day. This is approximately 30-100 grams of pure supplement. However, it is worth remembering that the demand for protein is an individual issue and should be approached as such.