Anyone who dreams of extraordinary endurance, improved regeneration, and more strength can start to use creatine as a supplement. A great advantage of creatine is also the fact that when you supplement it, you can see the body weight gain that is not related to fat mass gain – thus muscle mass increases. Moreover, it cannot be underestimated that among supplements for athletes and bodybuilders, creatine is one of the safest to use. This is what stimulates the synthesis of proteins, which is responsible for achieving the desired effects quickly.

When it comes to the dosage, at 70 kilograms, it should be 2 grams, however, when supplementing this ingredient, it is definitely worth to stick to the manufacturer’s exact recommendations. Then you are sure that side effects (such as kidney, liver, or pancreas problems) do not occur and the whole supplementation cycle is safe and, most importantly, effective.

Our product range includes products of such brands as EverBuild Nutrition, BioTechUSA, Warrior Labz or Controlled Labs.

Creatine, also known as β-methyl guanidino acetic acid, is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in animals, primarily muscles, tendons, the brain or testes. Creatine is a supplement whose effects largely depend on the dosage method. Creatine is considered a safe supplement for the growth of muscle mass and can be taken by both professional players and amateur athletes. The daily requirement for it is about 3-6g.

Creatine consists of 3 amino acids:


Creatine, or β-methyl guanidine acetic acid, is an organic compound made of protein fragments, which is found mainly in the muscle tissue (98%), where it is stored in the form of phosphocreatine (66%) and free creatine (the remaining 33%). In addition, the release of creatine to the muscles takes place with the strong support of insulin, a hormone that increases its level in the body thanks to glucose or amino acids. Creatine supplementation brings many health benefits, especially neuroprotective and cardioprotective. It is often used by athletes to increase power and to increase pure muscle mass.