Prohormones are a group of substances designed to increase the growth of muscle mass and the efficiency and strength of the body. They have a similar effect to anabolic steroids. Users appreciate the fact that these supplements accelerate the process of building muscle and help to burn fat at the same time.

Prohormones are derived from hormones. They occur naturally in the body, but you can use supplements to increase their amount and stimulate those already present in your body. We do not introduce a new hormone into the body, we only influence the enzymatic conversion of them into anabolic hormones. Thanks to this, adipose tissue is reduced, and fat mass increases, while the level of testosterone rises.

An alternative to steroids

Prohormones are considered a safer form of testosterone stimulation. Steroids are not injected into the body. Supplementation influences the hormones already present in your body, increasing metabolic processes, and building tissues. However, merely taking supplements is not a good choice. It is worth taking care of additional aspects, such as:

Adequate diet – without good eating habits, the cycle will not be as effective, so eat well-balanced meals before and during supplementation. Adjusting the caloric supply helps to create appropriate conditions for prohormones to be fully used by your body and it improves the proper course of anabolic reactions.

You should take care of the appropriate level of carbohydrates and fats, as well as supplement the protein if needed. It may also be a good idea to support yourself with specially composed nutrients.

Preventive actions during prohormonal treatment

In addition to stimulating testosterone, prohormones also affect estrogen and progesterone receptors, although to a lesser extent, which may cause some side effects. To avoid them, it is recommended to take PCT after each cycle, which eliminates possible ailments and restores the proper hormonal balance.

When ordering this product, remember to take care of proper supplementation. When taking prohormones, you should also remember to protect your liver and support the efficiency of your kidneys.

With high doses and long-term use, prohormones may damage your normal intestinal microflora, so it is crucial to protect your stomach and digestive system in general. You should also control lipids and blood pressure, and also take care of your joints, as the increased muscle mass means more kilograms for them to carry.

The use of PCT after each cycle is a very important aspect that should not be neglected!