Fat burners – effective fat loss

Losing body fat is the biggest concern for many people who want to improve their appearance by maintaining proper weight and an attractive look. However, fat is not just an unnecessary building tissue of our body. We really need it to function properly. Our body is made up of fat and muscle tissues, water, and bones.

Their proportions depend on our daily habits, predispositions, but also genes. Ideally, muscle mass constitutes the majority of our weight. For athletes, especially bodybuilders, it should be carefully controlled. We cannot change the weight of our bones, but the remaining ingredients can be “manipulated”; of course, we have to pay attention to the norms. Too much fat tissue is dangerous to our bodies. We know that being overweight is one of the most common causes of cardiovascular disease.

Besides, it often leads to mobility problems and makes us unable to freely perform certain activities. That is why it is so important to control not only our weight but our body composition. A special scale can help us with this. It is now available in most gyms and health clubs. It is also more and more often found in the homes of active people.

Fat burners are products that help you lose body fat. However, they shouldn’t be used at choice. They aren’t the best choice for people who don’t live active lives; fat burners are intended rather for active people who want to get rid of excess fat or reduce it as much as possible while using a balanced diet and exercising regularly at the same time.

When is there too much body fat?

Unfortunately, many people consider weight to be the basic and even the only determinant of their good appearance. It makes them think that if their BMI is accurate, it means that they don’t need to change anything, they do not have to gain weight or lose it. However, the reality may be different. When they analyze our body composition, it may turn out that they have excess fat and muscle deficiency, even though their weight is correct.

Not everyone knows that muscles weigh more, so sometimes a slightly higher weight does not mean that we should work even more intensively on our bodies. The proportions may be disturbed, which we cannot notice on a daily basis. Active people, regularly training and exercising, striving for ideal parameters, often control their body composition.

They are also familiar with the standards that are different for active people, athletes, as well as those who take care of themselves but are not the biggest fans of physical activity.

Fat tissue, just like other components of our body, is expressed as a percentage. Fat as such consists of subcutaneous fat, intra-organ, and peri-organ fat, and sarcopenic obesity, which indicates the loss of muscle cells that are converted to fat.

For women, the norm is 30-35%, for men the correct result is 20-25%. If these numbers are exceeded, it means that we have a problem with excess fat, which does not always mean that our BMI is too high, although it happens in many cases.

The type of excess fat is also very important. Too much visceral fat is more likely to affect men than women, it is related to abdominal obesity, which means that fat accumulates in the abdominal area. It is important to know that the risk of the accumulation of visceral fat is higher with age, especially for women after menopause. At some stage in our lives, we may notice that we have a greater tendency to gain weight in the abdominal area.

Using fat burners

Excess body fat should worry everyone. Therefore, it is recommended to undergo regular body composition analysis. People who frequently go to the gym or fitness clubs often do so. Fat burners are products that are used to help you regulate your body composition.

We want to turn fat into muscle. If we have excess fat, we should partially get rid of it. Fat burners are used by people struggling with overweight or obesity, and excess fat is located not only in the abdominal area but also in other areas of their bodies.

Women often complain about excess fat on the buttocks and thighs. However, we must remember that women are more likely to have more fat tissue, which results from the differences in the body structure of men and women. Besides, people on a reducing diet use fat burners. It is a great supplement to their daily diet, but it should be used only when we are active and eat properly at the same time, avoiding highly processed products, sugars, trans fats, and other food that harms our health.

Fat burners are supposed to reduce fat, accelerate the whole process of fat burning, and make it possible to lose more fat in a much shorter time. These are also products that increase our performance, allow us to conduct more intense and more demanding workouts.

They are also good at improving metabolism. Fat burners should always be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, there is a risk of an adverse reaction. You should also remember that losing body fat too quickly or too much is as dangerous as excess fat.

How do fat burners work?

Fat burners work in a very specific way, but they are also multifunctional. They increase heat production, so let’s get acquainted with one of the most important concepts in this process, i.e. thermogenesis. It increases the body’s energy expenditure and at the same time increasing the temperature of our body. The human body has the ability to obtain energy in the form of ATP, but also in the form of heat.

Fat burners stimulate the secretion of catecholamines and increase the activity of uncoupling proteins, which results in the intensification of thermogenesis. In addition, fat burners tend to improve the overall performance of one’s body thanks to the unique ingredients found in these products. As a result, psychomotor activity improves: we feel less tired, so we can act more intensively, more efficiently, and with a greater commitment to the loss of excess body fat.

Fat burners help us to do much more intensive workouts, and the stronger the workout is, the greater the fuel consumption. Among fat burners, there are stimulants that respond to the increase in non-exercise activity, which is very important to maintain satisfactory training effects.

Fat burners influence also other processes that take place in the human body, including lipolysis. It involves the release of fatty acids and glycerol from fat cells. As a consequence, it allows you to draw energy from the fat that you have accumulated so far.

Fat burners also cause fat oxidation. After the fat is released, it circulates in your blood; then, they may be used by the muscles, but sometimes they return to fat cells. Fat burners stimulate the mitochondria to work, which accelerates the burning of acids.

The most important active substances in fat burners

Fat burners contain a long list of substances that actively participate in reducing body fat. Some of them are used extremely often in this kind of supplement. We almost always find in them caffeine; it is familiar to all of us as an ingredient of coffee, which makes people believe that coffee supports weight loss.

Caffeine stimulates the nervous system, and this stimulating effect can also be observed after drinking strong coffee. Caffeine effectively intensifies thermogenesis and accelerates metabolism. These are the key processes to reduce body fat – without them, it would be impossible to change the body composition and the whole weight loss process would be ineffective.

Caffeine also supports lipase and improves concentration, which is extremely important during demanding workouts and intense exercising. We can also call caffeine a strong energy shot. Guarana affects our body in a similar way to caffeine, so it is used equally often in fat burners.

Another ingredient that has a positive effect on fat loss is green tea. It is rich in many valuable substances, including catechins that limit the storage of adipose tissue and lead to the disintegration of fat cells.

Besides, some spices known to us well from the kitchen are also very good fat burners, especially black pepper and cayenne, which significantly improve our metabolism. Fat burners often contain bitter orange extract and even grapefruit extract to improve digestion and reduce fat cells.

The effectiveness of fat burners depends on their proper use, so make sure you use them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

It is also important to take fat burners only during the workout period when we regularly exercise and eat properly, paying attention to a balanced and healthy diet, as all these aspects have an impact on fat reduction and maintaining the correct body composition and body weight.