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A slim and perfectly sculpted figure is the dream of many people, especially physically active ones. However, building muscle mass and strength while burning fat tissue can be challenging. However, HMB comes in handy – a supplement of the group of anti-catabolic preparations that perform several vital functions in our body. Therefore, getting to know HMB is worth taking advantage of its power.

HMB – a brief description

The full name of HMB is beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate. It is a short-chain fatty acid produced in our body from the amino acid leucine, a part of branched-chain amino acids BCAA – necessary for muscle mass growth and maintaining maximum muscle performance.

HMB is formed due to catabolic reactions (proteolysis), i.e., under protein breakdown. It is also worth mentioning that only nearly 5% of leucine is metabolized to HMB. Moreover, its endogenous production occurs mainly in skeletal muscles and the liver.

Therefore, supplementation with HMB is the best solution for athletes who want to achieve an optimal ergogenic effect.

The effects of HMB – get to know its power.

HMB is one of the first supplements in the world. It is mainly known for its anti-catabolic properties, thanks to which it protects muscles from breakdown due to the use of muscle amino acids.
During intensive workouts to increase muscle mass and strength, muscle damage, pain, and significantly prolonged regeneration may occur. With HMB, the muscle mass built is protected even during more frequent and intensive workouts.

However, there are many more benefits of HMB supplementation. Studies show that it can positively affect our body by:

increasing endurance,
effective reduction of body fat,
improving overall physical fitness – which is particularly important in the case of older people or those leading sedentary lifestyles,
increasing immunity,
preventing the adverse health effects of environmental and oxidative stress, i.e., a nervous lifestyle, hard physical work, etc.

The undoubted advantage of HMB is its ability to create a positive balance of muscle turnover – supporting the growth of muscle mass and strength while reducing body fat. HMB, therefore, helps to maintain lean body mass. In addition, supplementation with HMB improves the body’s energy during exercise and at rest – it then begins to rely on the reserves of redundant body fat.

It is worth noting that HMB supports the energetics of aerobic and anaerobic efforts, which is essential information for both strength and endurance athletes. It has a beneficial effect on the general body composition and physical performance of athletes with a high level of training.

HMB supplementation – to whom it is recommended

Scientific reports say using HMB is safe for young and older adults. Moreover, it is especially recommended for beginners – those who start their workouts and want to minimize the effects of muscle acidification. It is also excellent for returning to training after a long break (caused by illness or injury). However, in physically active people, HMB supplementation may be ineffective. This is because our body adapts very quickly to the new strain. It is therefore recommended to take HMB only during the first three months of training.

Because HMB supplementation contributes to increasing the body’s general resistance, it is recommended in the case of diseases associated with the loss of muscle mass – such as AIDS, cancer, prolonged lying in bed, or a low-calorie diet.

HMB dosage

Although studies show no side effects from an overdose of HMB, it is worth noting that increased supplementation does not produce better results. This is because any higher dose will be removed by our body and excreted with urine.

HMB is recommended to be 3 g per day for men and 2 g per day for women. One serving (3 or 2 g, depending on sex) should be taken after training on workout days. In contrast, one serving should be taken after eating on non-workout days. It is worth mentioning that the post-workout consumption of HMB should take place 30-60 minutes before the workout in the case of the free acid form (HMB-FA) and 60-120 minutes before exercise in the case of the calcium conjugated form (HMB-Ca).
The HMB supplement may also be taken in a dose of 3 g, divided into three equal portions, for two weeks before an extreme sports event. Then, its supplementation is aimed at preventing muscle damage.

Therefore, a proper dosage of HMB will effectively protect the muscle mass being built during the reduction period. You can combine HMB supplementation with creatine to create muscle mass quickly and effectively.

Of course, it must be remembered that HMB will not replace a varied diet essential while building muscle mass and strength.

HMB – supplement in the form of capsules or powder

We offer the HMB supplement in powder form in an odourless formula, making it easy to dose and add to other products. Those who appreciate convenient, simple, and practical solutions will undoubtedly like the HMB in capsule form.

It is worth noting that our HMB products consist of safe and carefully selected ingredients, guaranteeing their highest quality. Furthermore, they are produced by reputable companies that create dietary supplements dedicated to athletes who want to improve their performance and achieve their dream shape and to everyone interested in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.