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If you regularly take part in sport, you must admit that you don’t always feel like training. Sometimes you just don’t have the energy, which quickly evaporates during the day. Of course, sometimes you should listen to your body and take a short break from exercising. But what should you do if you still feel tired despite the rest?

First of all, you should focus on finding and eliminating the causes of this problem. Apart from that, pre-trainers belonging to the stimulant group may be temporary support. They contain numerous substances with stimulating effects. Thanks to them, you will quickly gain energy and stop feeling constantly tired. This, in turn, will make you ready for another workout regardless of the circumstances!

Stimulant – what is it?

Stimulants are a category of supplements belonging to the so-called pre-training group. Unlike other products in this category, stimulants are characterized by a very high content of stimulating components. That is why athletes who sometimes need an extra boost of energy before training are often used by athletes.

What does stimulant do?

The way stimulants work seems obvious. The purpose of such preparations is to effectively eliminate the feeling of tiredness and at the same time to provide energy. Of course, individual products of this type may work slightly differently.

Manufacturers use different ingredients, which means that the supplements available on the market have highly varied compositions. Admittedly, there are some standard features. After all, practically every stimulant contains some form of caffeine. Some manufacturers also use DMAA or DMHA. This is why these supplements guarantee a solid and long-lasting boost!

When to use a stimulant?

Most substances of a stimulating nature take effect approximately 15-30 minutes after consumption. This relationship also affects how stimulants are taken. Manufacturers recommend using such supplements immediately before starting exercise.

Therefore, in this respect, the same supplementation scheme depends on your training plan. However, one crucial point must be borne in mind. The ingredients contained in such supplements are characterized by potent action. For this reason, taking stimulants late in the evening or at night is not recommended. This is because the stimulation effect may disrupt circadian rhythm and affect poor sleep quality.

How to use stimulants?

Most adults around the world regularly take caffeine and other stimulants. However, it is essential to remember that taking these stimulants provides a much stronger stimulating effect. That’s why it’s worth taking extra caution when starting such supplementation.

The manufacturers themselves recommend that beginners use half the standard dose. This way, they will achieve a stimulating effect, and their body will be able to get used to taking such substances. Over time, beginners will develop a greater tolerance which will allow them to use higher doses.

If someone has been taking stimulants for a long time, their body has already developed a tolerance. Therefore, such people do not need to use reduced dosages when buying a new supplement.

Stimulant dosage

Stimulants constitute an inclusive group of preparations. Their manufacturers compete with each other in ideas to use new ingredients which could further enrich the composition of nutrients. Therefore, recommendations concerning the dosage of particular supplements may be completely different. Information on this issue should always be displayed on the packaging of a given product.

Usually, manufacturers attach special spoons to their products, thanks to which it is easy to measure out a specific dose. Therefore, each person must follow the recommendations of the manufacturer of the chosen nutrient. This is really important because long-term intake of too high doses of stimulants can adversely affect your health. So you need to remember one rule. Never exceed the maximum dosage indicated by the manufacturer!

How to choose a stimulant?

The choice of a stimulant should depend on several important issues. One of the most important factors is the individual sensitivity of the body to stimuli. If you have never used such supplements, you may start with slightly weaker preparations.

Then supplements containing, e.g., anhydrous caffeine, will be an excellent choice. On the other hand, more experienced and demanding people may recommend practices with DMAA/DMHA or Eria Jarensis extract. These are substances with a much stronger effect, which should meet the expectations of even the most demanding people!

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