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The biggest benefit of glutamine is undoubtedly the fact that you can improve your post-workout regeneration through it. The glutamine also keeps the nitrogen balance in the body at the right level. What does this mean in practice? First of all, the growth of lean muscle tissue. Muscles built this way are much more robust and are not so quickly catabolized. Thus, by taking glutamine, you can be sure that your muscles will eventually start to grow, not only because this product has anti-catabolic properties, but also because it has pro-anabolic properties.

Besides, glutamine also has a number of health properties. It supports the treatment of leaking intestines and stomach ulcers. Furthermore, it helps in regulating blood sugar levels and also helps in the healing of wounds. It should not be forgotten that it also supports the immune system.

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Glutamine is an alpha-amino acid belonging to the group endogenous, is one of the amino acids that build protein, which rather builds a protein, it works anti katabolic during muscle effort, Glutamine is an additional source of fuel for the body, thanks to which reserves are not depleted, and energy is consumed on a regular basis instead of muscle, thanks to which it increases general body endurance. This supplement enables longer and heavier exercises due to the supply of fuel to the muscles. In our store, we have a large offer of the best supplements companies such as Immortal Science, Revange nutrition, Juggernaut Nutrition, Hi-tech-Pharmaceuticals, Blackstone-labs at the best possible price.