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“Physical activity requires preparing the body for increased effort and strain. During training, your body is forced to perform under sometimes unfavourable conditions, which can lead to defence reactions. These reactions may not always be compelling enough, potentially causing varying degrees of harm to the body.

Therefore, using additional supplements to support your body’s performance is beneficial. This is especially crucial for individuals engaged in strenuous physical activities, such as strength training several times a week or long-distance running. Good performance is essential to push our limits and see significant results. Sometimes, a plateau in progress may be due to inadequate or diminished bodily performance.

Our store offers performance supplements specifically designed for active individuals. You’ll find amino acids and other active substances that accelerate the absorption of key ingredients.

We also offer pre-workout supplements that support your body during training and post-workout supplements. These aim to enhance physical capabilities, extend possible training duration, and improve workout intensity.

What is workout performance?

Workout performance can be both an ally and an obstacle, depending on your body’s condition – how it functions and is supported and developed. You may encounter certain boundaries that are difficult to overcome, which can be demotivating, as it feels like you’re at your limit. However, your body can achieve much more with the proper support.

Performance is a parameter that encompasses all our capabilities, subject to changes due to muscle mass growth, fat tissue loss, and increased exercise effectiveness. It indicates the limits of our fitness – the ability to perform physical work without excessive effort and fatigue, without altering our body’s normal functioning. Therefore, performance varies from person to person.

Furthermore, performance also dictates your ability to regenerate after a workout – some people recover quickly, while others may need several days.

Many factors determine our body’s performance; some are within our control, while others depend on our genes. Confident lifestyle choices, like alcohol and cigarette consumption, can reduce workout performance. Diet is also a crucial factor.

Heavily processed, sugar, junk food, and irregular meals negatively impact our performance. Regular exercise is essential, too, as neglect can decrease performance. We should avoid prolonged stress and exhaustion and consider chronic diseases when creating training plans.

Effect of supplements on performance

Working on our performance and pushing limits can lead to observable improvements in our workout abilities. Regular workouts and adequate time for regeneration between sessions are essential. A balanced diet is also important; eating regularly, preferably 4 to 5 times a day, with meals tailored to our workout sessions, their intensity, and the timing of the workout.

Good sleep is crucial; during sleep, our body best rests and regenerates, preparing for the next workout session. Additionally, appropriate dietary supplements can support workout performance.

These supplements are rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, essential during periods of increased activity when daily meals are insufficient.

To improve performance, it’s essential to support our bodies with additional supplements that help them function better during intense exercise.

Performance supplements are primarily designed to provide the body with amino acids – substances necessary for building muscle mass. They enhance physical capabilities and allow for more effective, intensive training. They also accelerate regeneration processes and help prepare for the next workout.

Effects visible in many groups of active people

Performance supplements are most popular among bodybuilders and strength trainers, as they require exceptional support for their muscles, which determine overall body performance. However, they are also effective for cyclists, aiding in handling longer distances, and are recommended for swimmers and runners. Gymnasts, who require excellent muscle strength and endurance for effective performance, also benefit from these supplements.

Thus, performance supplements suit virtually all active people undertaking intensive workouts and aim to improve their training results and success. They are an excellent solution for those needing to build muscle mass while reducing fat tissue.

Pre-workout supplements

Pre-workout supplements primarily increase strength and reduce fatigue. They energize the body and thus enhance workout efficiency from the start.

Taken about half an hour before training, these supplements often contain ingredients like caffeine, known for its performance and endurance support during strenuous exertion. It reduces the feeling of fatigue and allows the body to work harder. Pre-workout supplements often include beta-alanine, which buffers hydrogen ions to maintain high work intensity for longer. This substance influences muscle contractility and increases nitrogen levels transported to them. Arginine, an amino acid crucial in synthesizing nitric oxide, is another critical ingredient in pre-workout performance supplements.

Support during a workout

Supplements used during a workout aim to maintain strength and extend training duration. They provide energy to muscles, ensuring performance doesn’t decrease and we still feel strong. These supplements often contain multi-component complexes utilizing essential amino acids (EAA) and branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), which help increase energy and stimulate specific protein kinases essential for synthesis. BCAAs also positively affect hormonal balance.

Post-workout – for faster recovery

Post-training supplements are just as important: they reduce muscle fatigue, accelerate recovery, and help maintain workout effects. These supplements are also based on muscle-building amino acids, such as l-glutamine – one of the endogenous amino acids necessary for proper bodily function.

Glutamine stimulates the process of building muscle proteins by increasing nitrogen production while reducing muscle catabolism, thus preventing overtraining and acidification of the body.

We offer supplements dedicated to every workout stage, including pre-and-post-workout supplements and those for consumption during training. You can choose from different forms, such as powders to be dissolved in liquids or pills to be swallowed.”