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There’s a famous saying that a bad workout is only one that hasn’t been done at all. There is a lot of truth in this, as regularity plays a vital role in all sports. However, you must not forget about the other side of the coin. A good workout must have a sufficiently high intensity and volume. If you train just for the sake of training, you probably won’t get the results you want. Unfortunately, you can’t just ignore the movement. You must prepare for it! In this aspect, both physical and mental preparation is essential. The good news is that a pre-workout can help you do just that!

Pre-workout – what is it?

Pre-workouts are a particular type of nutrient for athletes. Their primary purpose is to effectively prepare your body for the upcoming physical effort. For many athletes, taking a pre-workout is an integral part of the preparation for training. Such practice may affect both the efficiency of the body and broadly understood motivation and mental preparation.

What does pre-workout do?

The exact way pre-workout products work depends mainly on the specific nature of the supplement in question. Currently, pre-workout supplements with stimulating properties are definitely the most popular. This is because they contain numerous substances intended to provide stimulation and reduce fatigue at the same time. On the other hand, manufacturers are increasingly offering stim-free pre-training products. These are devoid of stimulants but contain numerous compounds increasing the physical performance of the body. In addition, more and more pre-training products of the nitric oxide booster type appear on the market. As you can easily guess, their action is based on stimulating nitric oxide synthesis.

When to use pre-workout?

The name of these supplements is not accidental, as they should be taken immediately before exercise. Most manufacturers recommend taking a pre-workout about 15-25 minutes before a workout. A small interval is necessary for the supplement to take effect at the start of exercise.
How to use pre-workout?

When taking pre-workout supplements, there are some fundamental rules to remember:
– Firstly, start with small doses. This is especially true for people who have never used similar supplements before. Beginners should therefore take approximately half the standard dose.
– Secondly, people sensitive to caffeine must be cautious when buying pre-training products. With similar tendencies, stim-free formulations are a much better choice.
– Thirdly, caffeine content and other stimulants may be a problem for people training in the evening. Admittedly, their training will be much more effective then. Unfortunately, the effects of stimulants may hurt the quality of sleep afterward. This, in turn, significantly reduces the benefits of using a pre-workout.

Pre-workout dosage

Each manufacturer includes information on their products regarding the recommended method of supplement use. Particular attention should be paid to the recommended dosage. It is already known that beginners should start with half the recommended dosage. However, such a relationship does not work the other way round. Even if someone has been using pre-training supplements for a long time, they should not determine the recommended dosage independently. Then a better alternative is to buy a stronger pre-trainer. Why? Because manufacturers carefully select the composition of the preparation so that it combines effective action and safety. It is worth remembering that using too high doses of caffeine or other stimulants may adversely affect your health.

How to choose pre-workout?

People interested in buying a pre-workout should find such a preparation that meets their expectations. Thus, first, you need to answer one crucial question. What do you need most before training? If you often lack energy, choose a product with a stimulating effect. If you want to get a better workout without stimulation, go for stim-free supplements. If you only want a mild boost, a pre-workout nitric oxide booster is the best choice.

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