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Vegan Protein – Best Quality – usage, dosage

You can find thousands of different protein supplements on the dietary supplement market. However, for years this fact has not helped people on a vegan diet. This is because a vegan diet requires complete abstinence from products made from animal raw materials. Therefore, whey protein supplements, as well as beef protein supplements, are not suitable for vegans. Fortunately, nutrients for vegans which contain only plant proteins can now be found in shops.

What is vegan protein?

Vegan protein supplements are supplements made from plant-based raw materials. Their manufacturers usually use soy, peas, or hemp. All of these ingredients undergo advanced processing to remove most carbohydrates and fat. As a result, manufacturers obtain a finished powder with high protein content. This nutrient can therefore be used successfully as a replacement for animal-based protein supplements.

High protein vegan foods

Of course, taking protein in supplement form alone is not sufficient to cover 100% of your daily requirements for this macronutrient. Therefore, balanced supplementation is also based on an appropriately structured diet. A vegan diet indeed requires you to refrain from eating certain products which are rich in protein. However, finding substitutes should not be a problem. The best vegan proteins include:
– lentils;
– Soy and soy products;
– tofu;
– peas;
– beans;
– nuts;
– rice (wild and brown);
– chia seeds;
– spirulina.

How to get protein as a vegan?

The recommended protein intake for athletes and people who train regularly is on average 1.5-2 grams per kilogram of body weight. These are not low values. Furthermore, following a vegan diet can make it even more challenging to meet this requirement. Therefore, vegans should rely on two fundamental points. The first is a diet rich in plant-based protein. A good habit is to eat at least one plant-based protein product with every meal. The second aspect, however, is supplementation, which will allow you to replenish the deficiencies of this macronutrient. Again, you can use vegan protein supplements to make up for this.

What is the best vegan protein powder?

The best vegan protein powder should meet three essential criteria. The first is a very high natural vegetable protein content. The second is a limited amount of additives and fillers. The third (and most obvious) is the complete absence of animal ingredients. If a nutrient meets these three requirements, it can be considered a recommended product.

Where to get vegan protein?

Recent years have brought significant changes to the supplements market. An increasing number of manufacturers are introducing products based on 100% plant-based raw materials. This is the breakthrough that all vegans have been waiting for. Now, people on such a diet can find the right products for themselves much more quickly. However, it is also essential to choose the right place to buy vegan supplements. So we encourage all vegans to visit Cross The Limits.

Best vegan protein powder the UK – Cross The Limits

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