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Beef Protein – Best Quality – usage, dosage

The most popular protein supplements on the market are whey-based products, i.e., WPC and WPI. However, if you do not wish to use such supplements, beef protein is an ideal alternative. Currently, such supplements are becoming increasingly popular. What are their most significant benefits, and who should we recommend them to?

What is powdered beef protein?

As the name suggests, these supplements are made from beef. Their manufacturers use various methods to achieve the highest protein content in the finished supplement. However, hydrolysis of beef protein is by far the most common production method in this case. It involves initiating processes leading to the breakdown of proteins into peptides.

What is essential, beef protein powder contains a vibrant profile of amino acids. These compounds are necessary for the proper functioning of our bodies. Thus the use of such supplements may have a positive impact on general health and at the same time support sports performance.

How much protein is in beef?

The average protein content of lean beef is between 26-28 grams per 100 grams of meat. So it’s easy to calculate that this is 26-28% of the entire product. Fortunately, nutrients based on beef protein powder have much better values. This is because they usually contain 85-90% hydrolyzed beef protein. Therefore, taking such supplements is an effective way to supplement the protein supply in your daily diet.

Use of beef protein

There are significant differences between beef protein and whey protein. However, they do not apply to the supplementation itself. This is identical in both cases. Powdered beef protein is also in the form of fine dust, which can be dissolved in liquids. Admittedly, it has a slightly lower solubility than whey protein, but this does not affect the effectiveness of supplementation. Thus, beef protein should be dissolved in water or milk and then drunk immediately after preparation.

At this point, it should be emphasized that powdered beef protein has one significant advantage over whey. It does not contain lactose, which is a sugar naturally present in milk. However, some people struggle with lactose intolerance, which manifests itself in annoying symptoms. In such cases, the use of supplements based on whey is highly inadvisable. Beef protein is, therefore, a much better and safer alternative for such people. It should also be noted that athletes on a paleo diet also benefit from beef powder. Thus, beef protein does not violate the principles of such a diet.

Beef protein dosage

The beef protein supplementation regimen should not deviate from generally accepted standards. Thus, protein supplements are only meant to supplement possible protein deficiencies in the diet.

However, it must be remembered that athletes and people who engage in the regular physical activity must consume plenty of protein. According to nutritionists, the optimum amount is 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Thus, for a person weighing 90 kilograms, this would be 135 to 180 grams of protein per day.

Of course, not everyone can meet this requirement from their diet. If necessary, supplements containing beef protein powder can be used. With these supplements, everyone will provide their body with 100% of its daily protein requirements.

The recommended dosage of supplements, therefore, depends primarily on your diet. If you consume a lot of protein, you will usually only need one serving of supplements per day. However, people who have problems with regular food intake may need two or even three portions a day. To be more specific, one serving of protein is approximately 30 grams of supplement.

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