Intelligent Muscle Sharp XF 60caps DMHA


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The fight against unnecessary pounds can quickly turn into a real war. If you have tried hard to reduce your body weight in the past, you are undoubtedly aware of this. Therefore, the key to successful reduction combines three fundamental factors. These are diet, physical activity and proper supplementation.

The new Sharp XF Extreme Fat Burner could help solve the supplementation issue. As the name suggests, this product is dedicated to the most demanding athletes. There is no question of any doubts about its performance here. The manufacturer has relied only on proven ingredients and selected proportions. As a result, you can be sure that Sharp XF capsules will help you achieve your figure goal.

Let’s look at its key ingredients to get a better idea of this supplement’s properties. These are, first of all:

– Caffeine anhydrous – prolonged physical activity increases caloric expenditure, which directly helps burn fat. However, we do not always have the strength for a long run or other activities. A legitimate dose of anhydrous caffeine will quickly get us back in such situations!

DMHA – if caffeine has stopped working on you, DMHA will retain its effectiveness. This compound is the successor to the iconic DMAA, so more experienced people will undoubtedly be able to imagine its effects.

– Rhodiola Rosea extracts – Rhodiola Rosea is a plant not associated with strength sports. However, it is an increasingly popular ingredient in many dietary supplements. All because the compounds in Rhodiola can reduce perceived physical and mental fatigue. Such an extract is a valuable addition to the supplementation used.

– B-phenylethylamine HCL (PEA) – PEA is another compound with proven stimulating effects. Combining it with the above stimulants can provide an even more intense effect!

– White willow bark extract (standardized to 50% salicin) – a lesser-known ingredient in incinerators- is derived directly from white willow bark. Among other things, salicin is responsible for its action, which supports the digestive process and the work of the entire digestive system.

– Green tea extract – leaves hide L-theanine and various antioxidant compounds. Therefore, the section extracted from such leaves can support the body’s regeneration.

– Hordenine HCL – this alkaloid, despite its natural origin, can very effectively stimulate the body.

– Cocoa extract (contains theobromine) – theobromine contained in cocoa also has a stimulating effect. However, this is not its only asset. Indeed, theobromine can strongly dilate blood vessels, which is desirable during physical activity.

– Hot bell pepper extract – capsaicin in hot peppers speeds up metabolism and benefits digestion.

– Ginger root extract – a unique property of ginger is that its compounds increase the number of calories burned. For this reason, ginger is an ideal supplement for people in weight reduction.

– Black pepper extract (standardized to 95% piperine) – the piperine contained in pepper is unique. It is one of the few that can increase the bioavailability of many different nutritional compounds. This is why piperine is seen in the composition of many quality supplements.

– Naringenin – is another of the natural alkaloids found in citrus fruits, among others. Naringenin improves the process of lipid metabolism and thus promotes weight loss.

– Huperzine A – another ingredient of plant origin is huperzine. She, in turn, has a primarily stimulating effect. Thus, you will no longer have to worry about a lack of energy before your next workout.


The manufacturer recommends taking two capsules daily. Take the capsules at different times and drink plenty of water.