BlackStone Labs CHOSEN 1 60 CAPS (1-DHEA-1-testosterone)- Non-Steroidal Muscle Enhancers



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Blackstone Labs Chosen 1: Non-Steroidal Muscle Enhancement Supplement Chosen 1 by Blackstone Labs is a premium muscle enhancement supplement designed to amplify strength and muscle mass without using steroids. It features 1-DHEA, a precursor to 1-testosterone, known for its potent anabolic effects that mimic natural testosterone, providing substantial muscle gains and enhanced physical performance.

Key Ingredients and Their Benefits: 1-DHEA Function: Precursor to 1-testosterone, promoting anabolic activity in the body. Benefits: Supports significant muscle growth, strength increase, and improved physical performance with minimal water retention and stable estrogen levels. Dosage Recommendation: Recommended Dosage: One capsule taken twice daily. This consistent dosing pattern ensures stable levels of 1-DHEA, facilitating continuous anabolic support. Dosage Timing and Follow-Up: On-Cycle Phase: Cycle Duration: A typical cycle of Chosen 1 should last 4 to 8 weeks. This period allows for substantial muscle development while minimizing potential stress on the body’s natural hormonal balance.

Dosage: Take one capsule in the morning and one in the evening with meals to optimize absorption and reduce gastrointestinal discomfort. Training: Engage in intense resistance and strength training to maximize the anabolic potential of the prohormone. On-Cycle Support: Consider using liver support supplements like Milk Thistle or NAC and general health supplements like multivitamins and omega-3 fatty acids. Off-Cycle Phase: Cycle Break: After completing a cycle, a break of at least 4 to 8 weeks is advisable. This off-cycle interval allows the body to recover and normalize endogenous hormonal levels. Maintenance: Maintain a balanced diet and exercise regimen to preserve gains. Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT): Necessity of PCT: Implementing a PCT following a cycle is crucial to help restore natural testosterone production and address any potential estrogenic rebound. PCT

Duration: A comprehensive PCT should begin immediately after the cycle concludes and last for four weeks. PCT

Supplements: Key components of an effective PCT include Natural testosterone boosters (e.g., Ashwagandha, Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek). Estrogen blockers to manage any potential imbalance caused by the cycle. Liver support supplements to promote liver health. Additional Considerations: Nutrition and Hydration: Emphasize a diet rich in proteins, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Stay well-hydrated to support overall health and the muscle-building process.

Exercise Regimen: Pair the prohormone cycle with a consistent strength training program to maximize muscle gains.

Monitoring: Monitor your body’s response throughout the cycle. Adjust your dietary, exercise, or supplementation practices based on your progress and any side effects. Health Precautions: Consult with a healthcare professional before starting the cycle, especially for individuals with pre-existing health conditions.

Disclaimer: These supplements are intended to support general health and not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Always consult with a healthcare professional before use, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have an underlying medical condition. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. In the event of adverse reactions, discontinue use and seek medical advice. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. The information provided is not a substitute for professional medical advice. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has not evaluated these statements.