BlackStone Labs CHOSEN 1 60 CAPS (1-DHEA-1-testosterone)


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Chosen 1 (1-DHEA) is a unique precursor to the potent testosterone derivative known as 1-testosterone. When it comes to the chemical structure of 1-DHEA, it differs from the naturally produced testosterone only by the double-bond isomer, which makes it a powerful means to increase strength and muscle mass. 1-testosterone has an anabolic: androgenic ratio of 1: 2, which means more dry gains and greater aggression in the gym than traditional testosterone.

1-DHEA has been active in the diet supplement industry for years but has never been delivered in a way that revolutionizes this fantastic relationship. Through the breakthrough liposomal absorption system, we created 1-DHEA, 99% bioavailable during the 2-stage conversion process from androstenediol to androstenedione, and finally to 1-testosterone. This makes Chosen 1 extremely efficient compared to similar products 10-15 years ago.

1-DHEA – It is an androgenic sex hormone. It is an unmethylated anabolic compound designed to help the user increase muscle mass, strength and improve libido.

1-testosterone, unlike prevalent injectable testosterone, does not increase the estrogen level, which means that estrogen-related side effects should not occur so that you can expect an increase in body weight and a decrease in body fat. Due to the lack of water retention in the body, the increments will not be violent but stable and very easy to maintain during and after the cycle. 1-testosterone is excellent for combining with other prohormones and sarmas. The side effects of using 1-testosterone are minimal, if at all because this compound is not methylated. This compound’s non-methylated nature means it is not toxic to the liver. Estrogen-related side effects such as gynecomastia are also absent.

In summary, Blackstone Labs Chosen 1 is the highest quality source of 1-DHEA, an active substance with a broad spectrum of effectiveness, promoting aesthetic and physical fitness. It allows you to increase the pace of training goals and, simultaneously, low risk of side effects. The highest quality of production and the use of liposomal technology guarantees that the maximum possible potential impacts from using one testosterone are obtained.


One capsule twice a day.