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Sizeable muscles and a powerful physique are age-old attributes of masculinity. However, today it is also the arena of competition because the whole idea of bodybuilding sports is based on finding the contestant with the best musculature. So to win such a competition, athletes need to take care both increasing their muscle mass and exposing their muscles. Fortunately, numerous supplements can help with this.

Andro T capsules from EX4EX are a potent formula designed for people with the highest expectations. This form of supplementation proves to be very effective in increasing strength levels and supporting mass muscle gain. The composition of Andro T capsules is based on the action of sterols and proven compounds of natural origin. Their synergy can provide surprisingly good results!

What exactly are the substances included in the composition of Andro T capsules? These are primarily:

-Ajuga turkestanica plant extract (standardized to at least 10% turkesterone) – this small Asian plant has recently attracted a lot of interest. Researchers have begun to test the properties of a natural sterol found in this plant. Turkesterone is supposed to be responsible for stimulating the growth of this plant. However, in the human body, turkesterone, apart from anabolism, has been shown to lower blood glucose levels and support kidney function. It is, therefore, a valuable compound for all people who consume large amounts of protein daily.
Ecdysterone is also a naturally occurring steroid. Ecdysterone can increase muscle mass and improve performance in humans. So it should be considered a compound with a very versatile effect.

– Proepicate™ – the patented Proepicate™ preparation is based on natural compounds known as flavonols. Its action combines two features. On the one hand, it is a powerful antioxidant that helps the body fight free radicals. On the other hand, Proepicate™ also has anabolic properties. Thanks to this, it can support mass muscle gain and maintain a well-rounded physique.

– Laxosterone™ – another patented compound with equally stimulating effects on the human body is Laxosterone™. Its most characteristic feature is that it increases the effectiveness of the protein synthesis process. This allows the body to use the protein supplied with food to a greater extent. In addition, Laxosterone™ ensures rapid weight gain and increases strength levels.

– Grape seed extract – inconspicuous seeds found in grapes have exciting properties. Research has confirmed that the compounds contained in them show vigorous antioxidant activity. What is more, grape seed extract can significantly increase the effect of vasodilatation during sports? Therefore, EX4EX decided to take advantage of the properties of these seeds by adding the described extract to Andro T capsules.

– Epistane – the famous Epi is a compound derivative of DHT. In the human body, it acts as an androgen receptor antagonist. This, in turn, means that Epi enhances protein synthesis in the body. This allows your muscles to regenerate faster, especially during highly intense activity. Epistane also increases the volume of muscle fibres, making your muscles more impressive.

– Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine, or vitamin B6, does not seem like an essential compound for athletes. However, this perception is entirely wrong. After all, vitamin B6 is involved in many metabolic processes, so its deficiency can result in a feeling of chronic fatigue!

– Vitamin E – Vitamin E is equally essential for the body’s functioning. Its presence is crucial during natural testosterone synthesis. This means that a vitamin E deficiency can interfere with the production of this hormone.

– Piperine (extract standardized to 95% active ingredient) – Piperine found in black pepper fruits can increase the absorption of many nutrients. For this reason, it is used by almost all manufacturers who care about the high quality of their supplements.

– Naringenin – this inconspicuous flavonoid can be found in grapefruits, among others. It has strong antioxidant properties to complement the effects of some of the compounds described above.

– Vitamin D3 – although vitamin D3 plays a vital role in body metabolism, most people are deficient in it. So an extra dose of vitamin D3 in your daily diet would be an excellent idea!


The manufacturer recommends two capsules per day (to be taken spaced with a meal).


Andro T capsules from EX4EX, with their comprehensive blend of natural compounds, sterols, and vitamins, are designed to support muscle growth, enhance strength, and improve overall physique. To optimize the use of Andro T capsules for muscle gain and physical enhancement, here’s a structured approach to dosing, cycling, and supportive measures:

Dosing Protocol

Daily Intake: Follow the manufacturer’s recommendation of taking two capsules daily.

Meal Timing: Take each capsule with a meal to enhance absorption and reduce the potential for gastrointestinal discomfort.

Cycling Protocol

Given the natural origin of Andro T’s ingredients, the cycling approach can be more flexible than with harsher substances like anabolic steroids:

Cycle Duration: A typical cycle lasts 8 to 12 weeks, which allows the body ample time to respond to the supplement’s effects.

Cycle Break: After completing a cycle, a four-week break can help ensure your body is comfortable with the supplement, maintaining its effectiveness.

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT)

Necessity of PCT: Due to the supplement’s natural composition, a traditional PCT may not be necessary for Andro T capsules. However, monitoring your body’s response and adjusting as needed is always good.

Health Monitoring: To support overall well-being, consider continuing with general health supplements, such as omega-3 fatty acids and a multivitamin.

On-Cycle Support

While Andro T is designed to be supportive of muscle growth and overall health, incorporating additional measures can optimize results:

Diet: Focus on a protein-rich diet that supports muscle repair and growth. Ensure adequate intake of carbohydrates and healthy fats for energy and recovery.

Hydration: Maintain high hydration levels to support metabolic processes and nutrient transportation.

Exercise: Tailor your training program to include a mix of strength, hypertrophy, and cardiovascular exercises to maximize muscle growth and fat loss.

Duration of Use and Breaks

Monitoring and Adjustment: Pay attention to how your body responds to the supplement over the cycle and adjust your dosage or cycle length, if necessary, without exceeding the recommended daily intake.

Long-Term Use: If you find Andro T effective and do not experience adverse effects, you may consider multiple cycles throughout the year, with appropriate breaks in between.

Warnings and Precautions

Consultation: Before starting any new supplement, especially for performance enhancement, consult a healthcare professional, particularly if you have pre-existing health conditions.

Side Effects: Be aware of any unwanted effects that may arise during the cycle and adjust your regimen as needed.