Centurion Labz Warpath 90 Capsules


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What determines the size of the muscle gains achieved and getting better and better results in the sport practised? One of the most critical aspects in this regard is the efficiency of individual training units. This is crucial in athletes training at the gym since such people need to work on several different muscle parts simultaneously. Therefore, low efficiency during training will severely hamper the achievement of dreamed-of results. For this reason, in addition to attention to proper exercise technique and post-workout regeneration, one can also reach for supplementation. Here, an exciting solution will be, for example, the preparation of Warpath from Centurion Labz.

Contrary to appearances, this is not another typical pre-workout supplement, as it does not contain stimulants. Instead, the manufacturer describes this nutrient as an innovative preparation designed to increase training units’ effectiveness. Such a goal required the use of specific compounds with proven potential in terms of improving sports performance.

Therefore, Centurion Labz reached for just a few proven active substances. Thus, in the formulation of Warpath, you can find:

– Arachidonic acid – Omega-6 fatty acids are essential in our daily diet. Among such acids is the aforementioned arachidonic acid. It has numerous health properties and simultaneously positively affects the body’s anabolism. That’s why its supplementation is recommended for people who perform very high-intensity workouts. Then, arachidonic acid can improve the body’s recovery and support the processes involved in rebuilding muscle fibres. This, in turn, can contribute to more impressive muscle gains.

– N-methyl-D-aspartic acid – this organic compound is essential for the proper functioning of our body. It activates the neuronal NMDA receptor, responsible for the body’s electrolyte balance. However, studies have shown this compound has considerable potential on other levels. For example, some scientific hypotheses speak of a possible effect of N-methyl-D-aspartic acid use on testosterone synthesis. Higher testosterone concentrations are highly desirable in exercisers, providing several beneficial anabolic effects.

– Creatine pyruvate – Pyruvate is not the most popular form of creatine. Despite this, it is worth paying attention to this compound, which has exciting properties. The admixture of pyruvic acid positively affects both the level of creatine absorption and its effectiveness. Therefore, experienced athletes can test the effect of this compound with specific properties on their skin.

– Creatine gluconate – the above-described pyruvate is also supplemented by the admixture of another form of creatine. It is gluconate, i.e. a compound formed by combining creatine with glucose. Why was glucose chosen? Because taking creatine in this way is supposed to stimulate the body to release insulin, which can affect the more efficient transport of creatine to damaged muscle fibres. This, in turn, can translate into greater efficiency than other forms of creatine.

– Vanadyl sulfate – vanadyl sulfate may also act on a similar principle. This compound also has the potential to influence the functioning of insulin metabolism in human bodies. This is important for muscle recovery processes after training units. In this regard, vanadyl sulfate can have a twofold effect. On the one hand, it will support insulin synthesis, and on the other, it will increase the effectiveness of other ingredients contained in Warpath capsules.

– BioPerine™ – the aspect above of effectiveness is fundamental during supplementation. Thus, the composition of Warpath capsules could not miss the well-known BioPerine™ formulation. It contains a patented black pepper extract characterized by a very high concentration of piperine. In turn, piperine has a direct effect on the assimilation of nutrients. Thus, BioPerine™ can guarantee much better results during the supplementation used.


For best results, the manufacturer recommends using three capsules per day. It is advisable to take the capsules before a scheduled workout.