Brawn Nutrition Alpha Strength – Performance Powder 375g


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Expectations for the performance of nutritional supplements can vary widely. Some will expect them to give them a boost, while others will bet mainly on a more robust muscle pump. However, it is worth remembering that quality nutrients can also support the body in other ways. A perfect example is the unique Alpha Strength supplement from the famous company Brawn Nutrition.

The manufacturer’s declaration is explicit. Alpha Strenght pre-workout was created to provide three effects – power, strength and good training results. Brawn Nutrition has relied only on proven ingredients with a high action potential to fulfil this declaration. In addition, the composition of the described supplement includes both standard active compounds and unique patented formulations. Thus, you can be sure that Alpha Strenght will provide a unique synergy.

The essential ingredients of the described supplement are:

– CreaPure™ (creatine monohydrate) – to this day, creatine monohydrate is considered the best-studied and most effective form of creatine. However, one drawback of this form is its relatively low bioavailability. That’s why a unique formulation called CreaPure™ has appeared on the market. It contains creatine of very high purity and high fragmentation. This, in turn, increases its bioavailability compared to standard supplements. This makes supplementation with CreaPure™ far more effective.

– Creatine magnesium chelate – the effects of CreaPure™ are further supplemented by creatine magnesium chelate. It is well known for its high bioavailability and combines the qualities of creatine and magnesium. For this reason, it will be an excellent addition to supplementation.

– Betaine anhydrous – the anhydrous form of betaine can effectively support the cardiovascular system, positively affecting muscle pumps and increasing the efficiency of oxygen transport to the muscles.

– Peak02™ – the patented Peak02™ formulation is a unique product, for it is based on a carefully selected blend of mushrooms. It contains extracts from cordyceps, reishi, oyster mushroom, shiitake, Lion’s Mane and Turkey’s Tail. These mushrooms have several health properties, but their effect is mainly adaptogenic. Thanks to them, the body can withstand stress and external stresses much better.

– L-taurine – in human bodies, taurine is responsible for the performance of many critical metabolic processes. In addition, it can reduce the feeling of perceived fatigue and tiredness.

– Orotic acid – orotic acid is sometimes referred to as vitamin B13. This is due to its vital role in human bodies. Orotic acid has a beneficial effect on liver function. However, even more, important for athletes because this acid stimulates ATP synthesis and increases muscle carnosine levels.

– VitaCherry Sport™ – the patented VitaCherry Sport™ formula contains a high dose of compounds isolated from cherry fruit. These compounds have strong antioxidant properties, thus supporting the regeneration of the body. Thus, it is a product that can support people in the middle of a cycle of intense physical training.

– ElevATP™ – low energy levels in the body can be due to, among other things, meagre amounts of ATP. It is this compound that is the primary energy carrier in our bodies. That’s why the patented ElevATP™ formula can help increase levels of this compound. It contains active ingredients extracted from apples and so-called ancient peat, or ancient peat. As a result, increased levels of ATP in the body can benefit perceived energy and motivation.

– Senactiv™ – another beneficial compound for athletes, maybe another patented formulation, Senactiv™. It contains active compounds extracted from false ginseng and chestnut rose. Significantly, Senactiv™ can not only boost energy but also accelerate recovery.

– AstraGin™ – the last ingredient in Alpha Strength nutrient is the well-known AstraGin™. Its most important function is to increase the assimilation of other nutrients. Active compounds contained in ginseng and astragalus are responsible for such action. Its high effectiveness makes AstraGin™ included in the composition of many popular dietary supplements.


Brawn Nutrition Alpha Strength is a nutrient designed for use AFTER training. The manufacturer recommends taking three product measures (about 15 g) at that time. On non-workout days, the dose can be divided into two smaller ones (1.5 measures of the product each) and consumed, one in the morning and the other in the evening.