Brawn Nutrition Alpha Perform 180 Capsules


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Good physical form is a daily priority in the lives of all athletes. After all, the training results obtained depend on it. Of course, in this regard, the so-called disposition of the day also plays an important role. However, proper preparation of the body for training will pay off even when the mentioned disposition could be better.

That’s why Brawn Nutrition has created a unique preparation that can help maintain the highest possible physical form. These are Alpha Perform capsules. As the name suggests, their task is to support the body’s work during periods of intense physical activity. Interestingly, Alpha Perform capsules are distinguished by their composition. This is because it was created based on several patented preparations with unique effects. Their synergy can therefore provide particularly great benefits.

In the composition of Alpha Perform capsules, you can find preparations such as:

– Peak02™ – for a good few years now, dietary supplement manufacturers have begun to take advantage of the beneficial potential of many mushrooms. The best proof of this is the unique formulation Peak02™. The manufacturer used a unique blend of 6 mushrooms with known adaptogenic properties in its creation. Chinese cordyceps, reishi, oyster mushroom, shiitake, coneflower (Lion’s Mane), and rosehip (Turkey’s Tail). Their synergy shows very beneficial effects in terms of cognitive abilities. Peak02™ thus helps maintain focus and concentration even during intense exertion. In addition, the adaptogenic properties of mushrooms can reduce the body’s sensitivity to stress and training loads.

– VitaCherry Sport™ – Cherries are known for their health-promoting properties. However, not everyone knows that the compounds they contain can be highly beneficial for athletes. Suffice it to say that the popular preparation VitaCherry Sport™ was developed precisely based on active compounds contained in cherries. The main advantage of VitaCherry™ is its powerful antioxidant effect. Reducing the number of free radicals can help the body recover faster after training. For this reason, VitaCherry Sport™ may be an exciting solution for athletes.

– ElevATP™ – Adenosine 5′-triphosphate, or ATP, is the primary energy carrier in our bodies. Without it, we would not be able to survive and perform even the simplest activities. So it’s no secret that the amount of ATP in the body can affect, among other things, athletic performance. ElevATP™ preparation was created to increase the level of this molecule. It contains active ingredients isolated from apples and unique peat. Such compounds can help increase the natural levels of ATP in the body and cells. This, in turn, in some people, can affect athletic performance.

– Senactiv™ – another patented ingredient is Senactiv™, which was created by combining compounds contained in false ginseng and chestnut rose. This formula has an extensive effect on the human body. Its manufacturer declares that regular supplementation can increase perceived energy levels. This, in turn, often translates into obtaining better training results. In addition, other compounds contained in Senactiv™ are expected to show a beneficial effect on muscle regeneration. Thus, it will provide comprehensive support for athletes and their bodies.

– AstraGin™ – the key to effective supplementation is to choose the proper active substances and ensure their high bioavailability. That’s why Brawn Nutrition Alpha Perform’s formulation includes the popular AstraGin™. It combines the properties of false ginseng and membranous astragalus. Their synergy has a fascinating effect, as it helps to increase the bioavailability of numerous ingested substances. In other words, AstraGin™ can make other substances better absorbed and, consequently, their action even more effective.


The manufacturer’s recommended daily dose of Alpha Perform is six capsules. It should be divided into two doses (3 capsules each) and consumed at different times of the day. The first one should be consumed before morning training and the second one in the afternoon. If one trains in the evening, the first dose should be taken in the morning and the second before training.