Alpha Lion Superhuman Post 25 servings


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Creatine plays a vital role in the body of every athlete (but not only). It increases phosphocreatine reserves, which translates into an improved ability to undertake efforts of high intensity.

ALPHA LION SUPERHUMAN POST maximizes the potential of creatine in the process of muscle building and improving performance and strength during training. The supplement consists of three main anabolic components, which, when combined, increase our training capacity. These are:

L-leucine – an amino acid, reverses the degradation of proteins in the muscles, ensuring the faster building of muscle mass. The use of leucine stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins and inhibits the breakdown of muscle proteins, which provides effective muscle development. According to research, leucine is best taken after training to ensure the best protein synthesis.

Betaine – an amino acid, a derivative of glycine, increases water retention without affecting training efficiency. Thanks to Betaine, muscles are well hydrated, making them fuller, and there is a little more muscle.

Creatine – a chemical compound, one of the most researched supplements. It increases muscle growth and affects performance during high-intensity workouts.

It is additionally supported by:

Sodium citrate – an organic chemical compound. It protects the urinary system, improves performance, and stabilizes PH.

Potassium citrate – an organic form of the chemical potassium. Regulates electrolyte balance and blood pressure supports heart function, improves nerve and muscle conduction.

Calcium Citrate – the most effective and best-absorbed form of calcium. It supports the skeletal system, ensures healthy teeth, increases regeneration of the organism, and regulates excitability and contractility of tissues.

Astragal – a blend of extracts from astragalus root and ginseng. Its main benefit is to maximize the absorption of other nutrients. In addition, it supports the intestines and metabolism.


There are 25 servings of the supplement in the pack, and one serving is 14.9 grams (1 measuring cup).
SUPERHUMAN POST is a supplement for both men and women, with which muscle building will be much easier and faster.