DRAGON PHARMA Neuromorph 40 Serv



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With the evolution of technology, we started to live in a super stimulated world. From stimulants, such as copious amounts of coffee and energy drinks, elevations of stress related to the environment and the constant tension that we are putting in our eyes with blue light in this digital age, it is no wonder that we are all being exposed to a lot.

The result of this high stress and over-stimulation is lack of focus, constantly elevated levels of cortisol, general anxiety and accelerated deterioration of long-term vision due to the immense amount of digital blue light to which we are exposed … it is not conducive to health long-term..

Many have become accustomed to consuming products and drinks with stimulants for a mental “boost”, such as energy drinks loaded with more than 300mg of caffeine, this usually causes more harm than good, further increasing cortisol, causing anxiety about excess caffeine and doing nothing to improve your focus and concentration.

That’s where NeuroMorph comes in, the modern solution to this lack of focus, stress and problems caused by blue light. NeuroMorph was formulated using innovative and advanced nootropics to improve cognition, adaptogenic herbs for stress mitigation, antioxidant support for cellular health and a patented lutein to combat the long-term damage of blue light emitted by today’s digital devices. The caffeine contained in a serving of NeuroMorph, is naturally extracted from tea leaves, to increase your focus and attention is equivalent to an ordinary cup of coffee.

The result is a nootropic formula that helps to increase your focus, considerably increase your concentration and feel a sense of enhanced vitality through decreased perception of fatigue.