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Stenabol Olympus Labs Stenabol Methylstenbolone, M-sten or Ultradrol. It is a methylated prohormone that provides extreme increases in muscle mass, many users compare m-sten to m-drol with the fact that m-sten has fewer side effects. A prohormone is ideally suited for combining with other unmethylated formulations. Methylstenbolone is intended for advanced users. In addition to the high increases in muscle mass, you will experience increased strength and energy throughout the day.

This is a highly anabolic product with high bioavailability, increasing the amount of testosterone in the body. The results of the application are visible in a short time, but it requires proper use and the use of hepatoprotective means. PCT therapy restores the body’s natural hormonal condition. The preparation provides a fuller look of muscles, hard as a rock with visible vascularization.

The compound is not aromatized, nor does it have an affinity for the progesterone receptor. It is not transformed into estrogen, therefore it protects users against adverse effects on the prostate, difficulty in passing urine, or erectile dysfunction. During the mass cycle, it will significantly increase the increase in muscle mass, and when used during the reduction it will promote the loss of adipose tissue. The product is not recommended for women because it has the ability to increase testosterone levels and thus increases the risk of side effects.


1 capsule 3-6 times a day depending on the user’s advancement