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Adrenolyn Nootropic is a unique product that has been created to boost concentration and cognitive function. Its excellent formula improves focus during training while providing energy, performance and a really powerful pump! The formula also allows for faster decision-making and improved reflexes.


Calcium – an element essential for the proper functioning of the body. It acts as an activator of many enzymes, strengthens bones and teeth, and takes part in blood clotting. In addition, it influences muscles and the nervous system.

Sodium – an element that helps to maintain osmotic and acid-base balance in the body. It is also an essential element in conducting electrical impulses or transporting glucose and amino acids.


L-Citrulline – amino acid, ornithine derivative – increases strength and conditioning, reduces fatigue, and supports muscles and the circulatory system.

Dextrose – D-glucose, grape sugar – an optical isomer of glucose with a high glycaemic index and excellent creatine transporter to muscles. Increases energy caloricity, so it influences strength increase and mass muscle development.

Sodium bicarbonate – baking soda – regulates pH and, by increasing buffering, provides high performance during training.

Sodium chloride – a chemical compound, salt of hydrochloric acid and sodium – helps maintain electrolyte balance, hydrates the body, regulates blood pressure and supports the nervous system.


L-tyrosine – an endogenous amino acid that increases concentration, motivation and energy. In addition, it removes fatigue and reduces stress.

Alpha GPC – choline alphoscerate – a form of choline with high bioavailability that improves cognitive function and performance. The substance is used in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Echinacea – a Far Eastern mushroom with excellent health-promoting properties. It supports the nervous system, boosts cognitive functions and increases immunity. It also regulates the digestive system.

Extract from dendrobium Nobilis – a plant from the orchid family, which removes fatigue, improves mood, stimulates and gives motivation. In addition, it enhances the efficiency of the organism.

Extract from Eria Jarensis – a plant with high content of stimulating alkaloids, an alternative for DMAA.
Scabious extract – a plant of the Fabaceae family, a precursor of dopamine. Supports nervous system function, stimulates, increases focus and stimulates libido.


Beta-Alanine – one of the amino acids that build proteins. Increases carnosine levels, supports muscle function, optimises performance, affects acid-base balance.

Caffeine anhydrous – caffeine in a dehydrated form (easier processing and dosage). Stimulates the body, reduces fatigue, increases alertness.


Astragal – a patented ingredient that enhances nutrient absorption. It also improves insulin sensitivity.


Dissolve one scoop in 300-350ml of water. Take 15 to 45 minutes before training.