Core Meltdown (120caps) Cardarine 5mg


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Red Army Core Meltdown Cardarine GW-501516

The most serious disadvantage of anabolic steroids is that they cause a lot of dangerous side effects. For this reason, fewer and fewer people are reaching for steroids, as their place is beginning to be taken by other means. Currently, substances classified as SARMs – selective androgen receptor modulators – enjoy great popularity. Compared to steroids they are much safer while providing very similar benefits of supplementation.

The Red Army company offers numerous formulations based on SAMRs. However, the Core Meltdown product has a slightly different specification. Its main ingredient is cardarine (GW-501516), which is wrongly classified as a SARM, even though its mechanism of action is completely different. First of all, it is important to know that GW-501516 is a substance that is an activator (agonist) of PPARδ receptors.

These receptors are found in many parts of the human body, but their action is particularly important in terms of metabolism. Researchers have discovered that PPARδ receptors regulate almost the entire lipid metabolism. Thus, increasing their activity may lead to faster oxidation of fatty acids. This in turn allows for faster fat reduction and weight loss.

Interestingly, the benefits of cardarine don’t end there. Research has shown that this compound also participates in protein synthesis. Here its effect is twofold. Firstly, cardarine stimulates processes leading to the production of new muscle fibers of the first type. Thus, this is an anabolic effect, which proves to be crucial for athletes. Furthermore, GW-501516 increases the number of mitochondria produced. These organelles are found in muscle tissue, among others, and their high number has been linked by researchers to better performance.

In conclusion, the Red Army Core Meltdown formula contains a cardarine (GW-501516) in it. As a result, its supplementation can provide:
– faster loss of body fat;
– increase anabolic processes occurring in the body;
– Increased muscle tissue (especially type 1 muscle fibers);
– improved performance and endurance of the body.


Although cardarine does not belong to SARMs, the rules of taking it are quite similar. Here again, supplementation should take place in cycles lasting about 8-12 weeks. In terms of dosage, the manufacturer recommends taking 4 capsules per day (20 milligrams). The daily dose should be taken throughout the day at intervals. On workout days, one dose should be taken before starting to exercise. The manufacturer recommends discontinuing the product after the mentioned 8-12 weeks.