Red Army Kalashnikov 90caps Halo 15mg


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Red Army Kalashnikov Halodrol

Today’s times may go down in history as the twilight era of traditional anabolic steroids. More and more people give up such support and replace steroids with other substances. Of course, one can mention SARMs and other substances affecting specific receptors. However, the Red Army company opted for the most proven solution, namely halodrol.

The famous halodrol is simply a derivative of testosterone – the most crucial hormone for all active men. This compound was isolated relatively recently, but its properties immediately attracted people practising strength sports. Why? Because halodrol shows very similar effects to the steroids above. This form of supplementation also provides:

– increased overall strength levels;

– dynamic muscle mass gain;

– intensification of anabolic processes in the body;

– improved muscle endurance.

However, the differences between halodrol and steroids are fundamental. The most crucial information for exercisers is that this compound does not aromatize or have progesterone properties. As a result, many side effects of steroids are not present here.

Taking halodrol necessarily also leads to an increase in overall testosterone levels. It is worth remembering that it is, after all, a derivative of this hormone. With long-term use, halodrol may minimally decrease natural testosterone levels, but this effect does not appear at the recommended dosage.


Each capsule of Red Army Kalashnikov contains precisely 15 milligrams of halodrol. Therefore, the dosage of this product depends on individual needs. The manufacturer recommends that beginners take two capsules per day. While those with a slightly higher tolerance can take as little as 3-4 capsules daily. All prohormones should be supplemented in cycles. Regarding halodrol, such a cycle should last on average, 10-12 weeks. After that, the product should be discontinued to enjoy the maximum effects of taking halodrol.