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Revange Nutrition NAC is an innovative supplement with a broad spectrum of action. It is beneficial during increased physical activity and regular training. Its ingredient – N-acetyl L-cysteine – brings numerous benefits to health and body shape development.

N-acetyl L-cysteine is the best absorbable form of the sulphur amino acid cysteine. It is a fundamental building block of structural proteins, and it participates in the synthesis of proteins and enzymes. N-acetyl L-cysteine also increases muscle endurance. In addition, it removes free radicals and accelerates regeneration after training.

One of the essential functions of the substance is cleansing the liver of toxins and fat deposits. This ensures efficient functioning and adequate protection of the liver. It should also be mentioned that it stimulates the production of glutathione, which is one of the most potent natural antioxidants.

The amino acid also exhibits the following properties:
destroys free radicals, a significant number of which appear during anaerobic exercise; this optimises the effort during training,
strengthens the immune system and bones,
protects against inflammation,
Regulates the production and transmission of neurotransmitters and their abundance in synapses, improving mental form, mood stability, and better motivation.

N-acetyl L-cysteine has a supporting effect in many diseases, e.g., Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, polycystic ovary syndrome, colitis, chronic bronchitis.


One measure (600 mg) 1-2 times a day
Mix with water or other beverage and drink
For best effect, use 4 scoops daily (2400 mg)

The package contains 416 servings (600 mg). Exceeding the suggested daily dose may result in nausea, increased heart rate or itchy skin.