Trec Nutrition Booster Isolate Protein 2000g



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Trec Booster Isolate Protein is a high-protein supplement that is an excellent product for people who train regularly. It is ideal for supplementing protein in increased demand, for example, during regular training. In addition, the product has a positive effect on sports performance, muscle tissue growth, and regeneration after training.

Trec Booster Isolate Protein is a high-class whey protein isolate (WPI). It is a top-quality product that has gained popularity in the world of athletes. Each serving provides the body with essential amino acids, which directly affect the regeneration of muscles after training and protect them from micro-damage. Amino acids also contribute to building pure muscle mass.

The supplement protects muscles against catabolism, improves the body’s endurance, and this, in turn, translates into improved performance and faster results. With Trec Booster Isolate Protein, regeneration is much faster. In addition, the supplement helps build dry muscle mass and protects the tissue that has already been worked out. Therefore, the high-protein nutrient will work well for both mass builders and reductionists.


Dissolve one serving of the product – 1.5 scoops (30 g) in 200 ml of water or milk. Use a shaker or mixer to mix the product thoroughly. The product contains 24.6 g of protein per serving.

Consume three servings daily:
– on workout days: after getting up – 1,5 h after the workout and before going to bed
– on non-workout days: after waking up – between meals and before bedtime