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Isolate 100 Product Details:

– Maximum digestibility
– 0 g fat and 0 g lactose
– 100% CFM whey protein isolate

ISOLATE 100 contains 100% CFM whey protein isolate, which is characterized by a record biological value (BV 159), fast absorption rate, and BCAA and L-glutamine amino acid content. ISOLATE 100 intensively stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins, contributing to a rapid increase in muscle mass. The product supplements your diet with top-class, fat-free, and sugar-free proteins, which are essential for building a muscular physique without the risk of excessive fattening.


ISOLATE 100 is a top-class nutritional product based entirely on the elite CFM whey protein isolate. This raw material is considered to be the finest and most valuable protein source used in the supplementation of sports diets. ISOLATE 100 provides the highest quality, rapidly absorbed building materials stimulating the process of growth and regeneration of muscle fibers.

Whey protein isolate has an ideal content of the most important anabolic amino acids and active micro peptides. The use of unique production technology makes it possible to obtain a record-high concentration of proteins and the highest purity level. This makes the protein virtually free from undesirable components, which could lower its nutritional value.


The entire raw material used in the production of ISOLATE 100 has been manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies. The multistage CROSS-FLOW MICROFILTRATION process is currently the most advanced yet time-consuming method of whey protein mechanical separation. It takes place at low temperatures and without the use of any chemical agents, which could damage the delicate structure of whey proteins.

The result is a concentrated and, more importantly, undenatured whey protein with full activity and functionality. This is why ISOLATE 100 has such a high nutritional value and is extremely effective in helping build pure, fat-free muscle mass. Compared with other similar high-protein supplements, ISOLATE 100 is absorbed much faster and contains more key amino acids for exercise: BCAAs and L-glutamine.


ISOLATE 100 is by far the best way to supplement protein for the continued development of key exercise characteristics. Whey protein isolate stimulates anabolic processes particularly strongly. The absorption rate and record-high leucine content stimulate the secretion of anabolic hormones (such as insulin) and enhance muscle protein synthesis far more strongly than other popular protein sources.

The formula also contains ingredients specific to this protein source. Whey isolate contains numerous peptides (short fragments of the protein chain) of varying activity. The latest scientific research confirms, among other things, their ability to increase the rate of blood flow in blood vessels and stimulate immune processes.


ISOLATE 100 is excellent both when building pure muscle mass and during the final definition of muscle during a restrictive weight-loss diet. The formula provides only calories in the form of protein, which additionally stimulates metabolism. ISOLATE 100 will supplement your daily diet with the most valuable and finest whey proteins.

ISOLATE 100 is absorbed extremely rapidly without burdening the digestive system, so it can be used at any time of day. It is always excellent when your muscles require additional portions of wholesome protein, especially the following exercise and immediately after waking up.


Dissolve a single serving of the product – 30 g (1.5 scoops) in 200 ml of water or milk, using a shaker or mixer. Depending on your needs, take 2-3 servings daily. On workout days: 1st serving in the morning after getting up, 2nd serving up to 1,5 hours after the workout, and 3rd serving before bedtime. On non-workout days: 1st serving in the morning after getting up, 2nd serving between meals, and 3rd serving at bedtime.


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