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Action and effects MK-677

Achieving your dream silhouette usually involves long hours at the gym, other physical activities, and a proper diet. It turns out that particular nutrients or supplements, such as MK 677, can also be helpful. How does it work, and what effects does it have? – find out the most important information!

What is MK-677?

Another name used for this type of supplement is Ibutamoren, L-163191 or Nutrobal. It is a preparation that, by binding to the ghrelin receptor (ghrelin is a protein hormone found in the body that affects hunger), increases the secretion of growth hormone but does not cause cortisol secretion, which can hurt the appearance of the figure. Accelerated growth mainly affects the two most essential tissues, i.e. muscle and bone – hence its use not only in bodybuilding but also in the case of older people who have suffered fractures or injuries, such as hip injuries.

What to expect – MK-677 before and after

The use of the preparation as a nutrient intended to promote muscle mass gain has its scientific justification. But what does it look like in practice? Regular intake of the product, a proper diet, and appropriate training help achieve effects in increased muscle mass and improved physical strength or joint regeneration. The preparation may also protect against injuries and accelerate the return to full fitness in the event of damage. Adequate growth of fat tissue is also possible, especially in people who are characterised by a low appetite. With MK 677, the stimulated growth hormone also allows for an increase in energy expenditure, which is undoubtedly essential for people struggling with excess weight – thanks to the preparation, an increase in muscle mass occurs, and the burning of fat tissue is accelerated.

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What is worth knowing about side effects?

The use of MK 677, in addition to the benefits of gaining, primarily, muscle mass, may also have, but not necessarily, some side effects. Side effects of MK 677 can be seen on several levels, including blood test results. First of all, there may be an increase in GH and IGF-1 levels and prolactin and an increase in white blood cells. There may also be a worsening of glycaemia and insulin sensitivity. However, these effects are usually temporary and disappear when the product is discontinued.

In addition, possible side effects such as water retention (swelling and subcutaneous water retention) may also occur, especially in the initial phase of use, increased body weight and improved appetite, which lasts for up to three months. These are possible side effects of MK 677, which usually pass with the end of use. However, it is also worth remembering that this preparation is a relatively new product. There are not many studies on its effects on the human body. The benefits and side effects have been primarily developed on those groups of people who have taken the product due to age-related diseases, muscle atrophy or obesity.


MK-677 and SARM

The preparation is also sometimes mistakenly associated with the SARM group. However, MK 677 only acts on the ghrelin receptor and not the androgen receptors in tissues, as with SARMs. Thus, it cannot be attributed to the effects and side effects caused by this group of hormone receptors.

MK-677 dosage

The desired results of MK 677 are mainly achieved through proper dosage. Everybody is different, so it is worth observing the effect of the dose and adjusting the amount if necessary. It should be in the range of 5 to 50 mg daily, with 50 mg being the maximum dose, but it can be divided into smaller portions during the day. It is recommended to start with a smaller amount, e.g. 5-10 mg, and gradually increase it. The optimal amount in the period of building muscle mass is 20-30 mg. Such an amount also works well in the case of fat tissue reduction.

How long should I use MK 677? The benefits of taking the product are stretched over time, usually not one or two months. It is recommended that it is at least several months. It is also possible to use the product for several years, but you should take a two-month break within a year. As you can see, the product’s dosage should be adjusted to your personal needs and preferences. It is worth observing your body so that the dose you take is optimal for everyone because this way, you get the best results.

MK-677 reviews and opinions

This substance, even though it is still relatively new, is becoming increasingly popular. Thus, everywhere you can come across various opinions about it. On the Internet, there are both positive ones and those focusing on possible side effects. Studies on MK 677 show that the preparation can be used safely and brings the expected benefits in muscle tissue gain and fat loss. However, it should be done sensibly and, above all, take the dose that is best for your body. It also does not hurt to systematically perform basic morphological tests and follow a balanced and healthy diet and appropriate physical activity along with the preparation.

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