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Effective formulations for lowering cortisol

Hormonal balance has a significant impact on the health and well-being of each of us. Unfortunately, if hormonal disorders occur, you have to reckon with many serious consequences. Too high or too low a concentration of particular hormones disturbs homeostasis. As an example, cortisol is necessary for the proper functioning of the body, but its excess or lack causes several problems. Many people associate cortisol solely with the stress hormone, but it has many essential functions. Therefore, it is worth knowing what cortisol does and how to lower its concentration in the blood.

What is cortisol? What is its role in the body?

Cortisol is a steroid hormone whose concentration changes with the circadian rhythm. In a healthy person, the highest cortisol level is observed first thing in the morning. This motivates the body to take action and wake up. The adrenal cortex produces the hormone. In the evening, its concentration decreases. However, if there are any stress factors – there will be an increase in cortisol levels in the blood. Under stress, the body switches into fight or flight mode. This can be recognized by increasing blood glucose, increased heart rate or increased respiratory rate. There is also a spike in blood pressure. This is an entirely natural reaction of the body to protect itself from various threats. The increase in cortisol levels is intended to increase the chances of survival. The problem arises when a person is stressed for long periods, as being in a constant alert mode is highly taxing.

Problematic cortisol

Controlling the immune system response is the primary function of cortisol. This hormone is responsible for releasing both sugar and fatty acids from the liver. As a result, it affects tissue strength and sodium levels in the bloodstream. It also dulls inflammation in the body.

Sleep deficit, excessive physical activity, chronic stress, and prolonged calorie deprivation contribute to elevated cortisol levels. Excess cortisol is a simple pathway to decreased insulin sensitivity. This, unfortunately, promotes weight gain. Blood sodium levels also increase, resulting in increased blood pressure, which has several adverse side effects on the cardiovascular system and kidneys. Too much cortisol accelerates cellular ageing, slows metabolism and increases appetite. Problems also arise with insomnia, depressive states, osteoporosis, decreased libido, premenstrual syndrome or infertility.

How to reduce cortisol?

It’s essential to keep cortisol at an optimal level – both excess and deficit are problematic. Therefore, you should aim to regulate your hormone balance – this applies to all hormones because many of them strongly affect each other.

How do we achieve this? Getting enough sleep is essential. What is important here is the amount of sleep and its quality. Unfortunately, each night without sleep is a direct route to the occurrence of fluctuating cortisol levels in the blood. It is also essential to reduce stress in your life. Positive thinking, being close to nature, playing with your beloved pet, meditation, massages, listening to music or indulging in your passions helps. It would help if you strived to distract yourself from negative thoughts. It is also a good idea to use adaptogens and appropriate herbs, which increase the body’s resistance to stress and make it easier to relax. It is also worth remembering about a well-balanced diet. It is recommended to reduce the supply of sugar in the diet to a minimum. This applies, of course, to refined sugar, which should be replaced by fruit rich in vitamins and minerals. Among others, bananas and pears will help in reducing cortisol levels.
What to supplement to lower cortisol?

Vitamin C in higher doses is great, as it combines with B vitamins to block the rise of the stress hormone. It’s best to take it with bioflavonoids and a B vitamin complex. Don’t forget about omega-3 fatty acids as well. Preparations with DHA and EPA reduce cortisol levels and improve the work of neurons. They also reduce inflammation in the body.

The level of cortisol can be lowered by phosphatidylserine. It has a protective effect on the nervous system and counteracts chronic stress. It improves intellectual abilities and also prevents neurodegenerative changes. For people who suffer from too much cortisol in the bloodstream, we recommend a preparation with 5-HTP, which relieves stress, regulates the nervous system and reduces cortisol. It will also be good to reach for ashwagandha, an adaptogen with anti-stress effects. Regular intake of sluggish vitamin extracts makes it easier for the body to adapt to the environment. It is also worth taking magnesium, valerian, radioland BCAA. On the other hand, Rhodiola Rosea reduces stress hormone levels, increases energy levels, improves brain function, and reduces mental fatigue.

What supplements will help reduce cortisol levels in the bloodstream?

There are many ready-made dietary supplements on sale, which have their composition substances that reduce cortisol levels. If someone has a problem with this – it’s worth reaching for a complex preparation that affects the body on multiple levels. Of course, the effects will not appear immediately, but patience and regularity allow you to see a marked improvement in the mood and condition of the body. We recommend the Core Labs Estro supplement, designed for men who want to increase libido and testosterone levels. TWP legend LAG is a helpful SARM that protects against catabolism, promotes strength and muscle mass growth, strengthens bones, and prevents demineralization. Men also often reach for Brawn Nutrition 2-AD with a potent aromatase inhibitor in its composition. It blocks estrogen receptors. Brawn Nutrition 11-Andro is considered one of the most effective modulators of cortisol activity. The substances contained help reduce body fat, rebuild muscle mass and improve its quality.




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