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Energy drinks – to drink or not to drink? That is the question!

Energy drinks – to drink or not to drink? That is the question!


A proper diet plan, or a well-balanced diet, is one thing because it is vital for the appropriate functioning of the body to hydrate it. However, it is not about drinking liters of tea, coffee, or sweetened drinks. Caffeine in excess is harmful, and temporary stimulation may contribute to decreased energy, sluggishness, and the need to take a nap. Among physically active people, energy drinks are pretty popular. Opinions about them are divided; there is no shortage of both supporters and staunch opponents. The big question is what is in such a drink’s composition because many popular products have a chemical composition and nothing to do with health. Of course, there are also recommended energy drinks on sale; you can also make your own natural energy drink.

Energy drinks – to drink or not to drink? That is the question!

Energy drinks have become a legal and popular stimulant used by adults and young people and even children. They are widely available, inexpensive, and can even buy them at the first grocery store or gas station. There are so many brands of energy drinks available on the market that you can choose at will. These are usually carbonated drinks that do not contain alcohol, affecting the nervous system due to its stimulating effect. In their composition, some substances improve concentration, increase even the body’s efficiency, speed up metabolism and eliminate the feeling of fatigue. However, it must be remembered that they work only for a limited period, and their regular consumption may have the opposite effect to the one intended. Continuous stimulation of the body is associated with several adverse side effects. A serious problem arises when chemical overloaded energizers are chosen. The body using sleepiness and lack of energy wants to show that it needs rest and regeneration. If you keep stimulating it artificially, forcing it to be in a constant state of mental and physical readiness, you can expect only one thing – health problems, even loss of health. Moving the body to the maximum effort can not end well.

“Yes” to natural energizers

If someone needs a boost of energy, then they should be interested in natural energizers. They are healthy and safe to use and can be counted on to work effectively. Instead of a chemical energy drink, it is much better to simply drink coffee, which contains a lot of caffeine – the most excellent stimulating effect has ground coffee, brewed with boiling water, without any additives. A natural energizer is also green tea, which is known to positively impact the body and promote health. It increases energy gradually, but for a long time. It is essential to choose a leafy one and brew it for no longer than three minutes to get a stimulating effect. A great option is also yerba mate, which affects the nervous system and the entire body. You can count on both exciting and health-promoting results. There is no shortage of several herbs that can be safely called energizers.
An example would be ashwagandha and ginseng, which are popular adaptogens. Using them regularly, you can improve your health and brain function, increase your intellectual capacity and vital energy deposits, increase vitality. Even a glass of warm water with lemon and honey has a stimulating effect on the body and deacidifies it.

There is no need to reach for classic energy drinks to get a stimulating effect because you can use guarana alone, which contains four times more caffeine than coffee. It provides an immediate impact of stimulation that lasts for a long time. Natural guarana has a positive effect on the nervous and muscular systems and is available in powder form; simply brew it with hot water or simply use it as a dietary supplement. A natural energizer will also be beet juice, the taurine above in powder form, or tablet form. Due to their high caffeine content, classic energy drinks disrupt the heart rhythm, increase blood pressure, and accelerate the heart muscle action. They are used because they raise body temperature, accelerate fat burning, stimulate the secretion of neurotransmitters, and increase muscle endurance. However, you don’t have to consume them to get similar effects because natural energizers also guarantee great results without adverse effects.

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