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Mesomorph v1 vs Mesomorph v4 – there is only one king!

Mesomorph v1 vs Mesomorph v4 – there is only one king!

Several years ago, the American company APS Nutrition presented its latest product for the first time. Mesomorph pre-trainer was advertised as a supplement which is to revolutionize the whole market. Indeed the APS group succeeded because people taking Mesomorph spoke about this preparation really positively. Despite this, the manufacturer did not rest on his laurels and constantly improved the composition of the created practice. Over the years, as many as four different versions of Mesomorph pre-trainer were created. So what are the differences between the first (Mesomorph v1) and the fourth variant (Mesomorph v4) of this preparation?

Mesomorph v1 – energy drawn from DMAA

Pelargonium is a charming plant with large and colorful flowers. Its qualities make many people grow geraniums in their own homes or gardens. But what connects this plant to the world of dietary supplements? There is a wild variety of geranium in Africa known as apple geranium (Pelargonium odoratissimum). In the leaves and stems of these flowers, a particular unique chemical was thought to be present. Today it is referred to as geranium or DMAA.

Research has shown that DMAA has a fascinating effect on the human body. The impact of geranium is similar to adrenaline, one of the most essential hormones in our body. Therefore, consumption of DMAA results in increased blood pressure, increased heart rate, widened blood vessels, and heightened senses. Moreover, this compound enhances the synthesis of some hormones (including adrenaline and dopamine).

These effects have an evident influence on training results. On the one hand, people who use DMAA feel much less pain during physical effort. This is mainly due to an increased synthesis of adrenaline and the fact that geranium reduces fatigue. On the other hand, DMAA has a very positive effect on muscle performance. Thanks to solid vasodilation and accelerated heart rate, the body can supply muscles with oxygen faster. This means that a person in training can exercise for longer. Such a possibility turns out to be especially important during a long-lasting effort.

It is, therefore, no surprise that the first version of Mesomorph was based on DMAA. Furthermore, the composition of this pre-trainer included the Geranaburn™ complex, which contained pure geranium. This is why Mesomorph v1 is currently considered a white raven on the supplement market. However, this does not change the fact that the company APS Nutrition has already carried out several reformations of its cult product. Currently, the fourth generation of this pre-training product is available in shops.

Mesomorph v4 – DMHA and geranium extract

Pure DMAA is characterized by its powerful stimulant properties. This has led the authorities responsible for overseeing the dietary supplement market to raise concerns about the sale of this substance. In some countries, additional regulations were introduced, even a ban on offering preparations containing pure DMAA. It cannot be ruled out that this was one of the reasons for the mentioned reformulation of the Mesomorph pre-training product.

In any case, Mesomorph v4 differs significantly from its original. The most significant component of this supplement is DMHA, i.e., a compound commonly regarded as a substitute for DMAA. Despite the different chemical structures, both substances have relatively similar properties. Admittedly, the effect of DMHA is weaker, which means that slightly higher doses may be required to achieve the desired results. However, it is worth noting that this compound is considered safer and causes fewer side effects than DMAA.

Of course, APS Nutrition has not abandoned the use of geranium. After all, DMAA is the symbol of Mesomorph pre-trainer. However, the fourth generation of this supplement is based on a combination of DMHA and an extract obtained from geranium leaves and stems. Although such an extract has a definitely weaker effect, it is an essential supplement for all those who prefer DMAA.

Mention should also be made of other ingredients that have been used to create Mesomorph v4. In this version of the supplement, you can find, for example, theobromine and an extract from white aspidospermine. Thus Mesomorph v4 is undoubtedly a preparation having a more developed composition.

Which product to choose?

What is clear, Mesomorph is a brand in itself. In fact, each variant of this supplement provides the expected effects in terms of increasing endurance and improving exercise capacity.

Nevertheless, Mesomorph v4 deserves to be called a more extensive preparation. In its composition, there is not only geranium extract but also DMHA and other substances. Such a combination makes individual components act synergistically, which may provide additional benefits.

On the other hand, people who use pure DMAA generally prefer the older versions of this supplement. Pure DMAA provides a powerful stimulating effect, which can be a crucial argument when purchasing it. However, it is worth remembering that there may be problems in the case of older versions of Mesomorph due to limited availability. However, if someone comes across an available version of Mesomorph v1, this preparation will undoubtedly provide them with the expected effects!


So far, APS Nutrition has carried out as many as four reforms of Mesomorph preparation. Their effect was far-reaching changes in the composition of this supplement. First, the producer no longer uses pure DMAA. Instead, a combination of DMHA and geranium extract appeared in Mesomorph v4. Moreover, the fourth generation of the supplement has been enriched with several substances that were not present in the original version of Mesomorph.
Nevertheless, some people may prefer the premiere variant of this supplement due to pure DMAA. However, it is worth remembering that all versions of Mesomorph guarantee benefits in improving exercise capacity. Thus, the choice of a particular supplement comes down mainly to individual preferences.





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