Haya 5-htp Time Release 100 mg 60 caps


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5-htp Time Release 100 mg 60 caps

Haya Labs 5-HTP – raises serotonin levels, alleviates mood swings, and helps with depression. In addition, it reduces the time necessary for sleep (extending the REM phase), reduces appetite, helping to lose weight, reduces pain tolerance, and is a natural anti-migraine. By increasing the level of serotonin, depressed delusions are in a pretty natural way.

    The most significant dose of 5-HTP on the market

    The most economical packaging

    It helps to maintain the right level of serotonin in the brain

    Facilitates calm and deep sleep

    Controls pain and emotions

    Supports the fight against headaches, anxieties, and appetite disorders

    It improves concentration

    It improves mood and mood

 What is Haya Labs 5-HTP (5-hydroxytryptophan)?

 Haya Labs 5 HTP is a naturally occurring substance derived from the seeds of the West African plant Griffonia simplicifolia. Man can self-produce it from L-tryptophan – an amino acid found in protein-containing products. However, the consumption of this amino acid does not provide constant growth of 5-HTP in the body.

 In practice, 5-hydroxytryptophan acts as a precursor to serotonin (5 HT), which converts – provides an increase in the level of this essential hormone – a neurotransmitter that plays a massive role in many human life functions. 5-HTP, taken orally, quickly enters the bloodstream, and its absorbability is over 70%. In a short time, he defeats the “blood-brain” barrier and begins its operation. It is worth mentioning that the range of its application is enormous.

 Haya Labs 5-HTP as a dietary supplement helps during a strict diet, when serotonin drops significantly, which in turn is manifested by carbohydrate appetite. Haya Labs 5-HTP works effectively as a so-called “blocker” of need and helps to cope with severe hunger during a strict diet.

 When the serotonin level is too low, sudden bursts of aggression, fatigue, and depression may occur. Because the 5-HTP amino acid improves the mood and raises the energy level, using the Haya Labs 5-HTP supplement is much easier to persevere in the ongoing slimming treatment.

 Haya 5-HTP applications:


Doctor W. Pöldinger from the Psychiatric University Clinic in Basel showed already in 1991 that 5-HTP is at least as effective in treating depression as the antidepressants usually used – without any side effects. 5-HTP compensates for mood swings (especially with bipolar depressions) and weakens the potential for aggression. In addition, it reduces fear attacks.


Migraine is caused, among other things, by the incorrect functioning of serotonin in the blood vessels. 5-HTP can help to eliminate these functional disturbances.

 Sleep disturbances:

During the 5-HTP experiments, he shortened the time of falling asleep halfway without disturbing the sleep structure. Apart from that, it helped in quicker return and faster concentration. The reason lies in the interaction with melatonin, a metabolite of serotonin, and depends on its level.

Decreased appetite and weight loss:

It has been proven that 5-HTP lowers appetite and can lead to significant weight loss after a relatively short time. In contrast to the appetite killers on the market, 5-HTP is easily digested and safe.

 Diseases of the heart and circulatory system:

Due to its suppressive properties of fear and aggression, 5-HTP directly positively affects the heart and circulatory system, protecting it against excessive doses of adrenaline.


Increasing the level of serotonin caused by 5-HTP leads to alleviation of many symptoms of fibromyalgia, including pain, joint stiffness, and sleep disturbance.


Depressions: 300 – 400 mg per day

Migraine: 400 – 600 mg per day

Sleep disturbances: 100 – 300 mg per day

Fibromyalgia: 300 mg per day

Decreased appetite: 600 – 900 per day

 To improve mood and mood, you should take 100 – 200 mg of 5HTP a day.

 5-HTP should be taken 2 hours before or after a meal. Preferably together with a snack rich in carbohydrates or with liquid (orange juice). You should avoid protein-rich foods after taking 5-HTP to optimize the reception of the drug to the blood. It is advisable to take B3 and B6, C and magnesium simultaneously.