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Optimal disposition is an extremely important factor for all athletes. It is essential on the day of competition or during training. With a good disposition, athletes can use their full potential. Moreover, it is time for regeneration after the competition or after the last repetition. After all, the body could not prepare itself for the upcoming challenges without it.

Therefore a good regeneration helps to stay in shape. Therefore, athletes should take care of both aspects. However, it will be much easier because the well-known company Alpha Lion has presented its latest product. It is the next edition of the cult nutrient Superhuman, which this time is available in a Sport version.

Superhuman Sport is a powerful pre-trainer that, on the one hand, helps you achieve good performance during training and, on the other, supports the regeneration of your body after exercise. For this reason, it is ideal for people who engage in intense and frequent exercise.

The composition of this pre-trainer includes the following active substances:

Betaine anhydrous – The medical use of betaine mainly comes down to regulating the circulatory system. However, this amino acid also has other effects. Namely, betaine improves digestion and, at the same time, improves the synthesis of nutrients. Apart from that, it acts as an antioxidant, thanks to which it can accelerate the regeneration of the body after an intensive physical effort.

BioEnergy™ D-ribose – the patented BioEnergy™ formula contains D-ribose, a compound that increases cell ATP levels. ATP is the primary energy carrier in our bodies, and without it, nobody could function. D-ribose supports the production of ATP, which is especially important during workouts with high loads.

L-ornithine – ornithine is another amino acid which effectively supports the body during intense physical activity. It increases the level of performance and also accelerates muscle regeneration after training.

ElevATP™ – A patented supplement, ElevATP™ is another product designed to increase ATP levels in the body. However, it also provides additional benefits related to anabolism. ElevATP™ increases strength and performance, which translates into better training results.

Anhydrous caffeine – an extra dose of caffeine just before exercise will provide energy and help reduce fatigue. What’s important is that the anhydrous form of caffeine works even more effectively and, at the same time, guarantees a more prolonged effect of stimulation.

CaffXtend™ – the unique CaffXtend™ formula contains a 100% natural form of caffeine with a modified release mode. This, in turn, provides a much longer-lasting energy boost, which will be gradually released for up to several hours!

Peak02™ – a completely different property of the patented Peak02™ ingredient, which is based on a combination of extracts obtained from six different mushrooms. Such a mixture provides a powerful adaptogenic effect, thanks to which the body can better cope with external stresses. This, in turn, ensures a visible increase in performance and broadly understood endurance.

Aquamin™ – the Aquamin™ complex has been developed thanks to substances derived from red marine algae. As a result, it contains a very high concentration of minerals and nutrients. That’s why Aquamin™ has a positive effect on general health and training performance.

RhodioPrime™ – The RhodioPrime™ supplement allows you to take full advantage of the compounds contained in Rhodiola Rosea. This formula contains a minimum of 6% salidroside, the active substance responsible for its health-promoting effects. Thanks to this, RhodioPrime ™ provides an extra dose of energy and, at the same time, increases the level of concentration and focus. It is, therefore, an ideal supplement for use before the competition!

VitaCherry™ Sport – derived from the cherry fruit, VitaCherry™ comprehensively supports body regeneration. Studies have shown that it reduces delayed muscle soreness and the formation of soreness. In addition, VitaCherry ™ accelerates the rebuilding of muscle fibres.

AstraGin™ – The well-known formulation AstraGin™ increases the absorption of many supplements and nutrients. As a result, it can provide significantly more significant health benefits while taking various supplements.


Mix one (6.1 g) or two (12.2 g) scoops of Superhuman Sport with water and drink approximately 20-30 minutes before training.