Alpha Lion Gains Candy RipFactor®60caps


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The colourful capsules from Alpha Lion were perversely referred to as Gains Candy. In this way, the manufacturer emphasised that every athlete can “play” with their supplementation, using such capsules on their terms. However, this does not mean they are real candy, for some products in this series contain potent active substances. A perfect example of this would be Alpha Lion Gains Candy RipFactor™ capsules.

RipFactor™ is a patented ingredient with exciting properties. It was developed from two botanicals used in traditional Ayurveda medicine. Through proper laboratory processing, RipFactor™ has gained anabolic qualities. The manufacturer declares that the compound works on several critical levels. First, it is said to increase the efficiency of protein synthesis and thus affect faster muscle growth. Secondly, RipFactor™ may have the effect of increasing the efficiency of mTOR kinase. In addition, the compound may also exhibit significant anti-catabolic activity.

All this makes RipFactor™ an exciting alternative for those who want to bet on natural support for their anabolism. In addition, the comprehensive action of RipFactor™ can have a very positive effect on sports performance, as well as on the muscle gains achieved.


As with other products in the Gains Candy series, the manufacturer recommends two different dosage methods:

– Standalone – Gains Candy RipFactor™ capsules can be taken as a standalone supplement. In this case, the manufacturer recommends using one capsule two times a day. For best results, the capsules should be taken with meals and sipped with plenty of water.

– With other supplements – RipFactor™ capsules provide a very high potential for muscularity expansion. So, to take full advantage of it, it is advisable to combine them with other formulations, such as Alpha Lion Superhuman Test or Superhuman Muscle. However, the manufacturer stipulates that when combining them with Superhuman Muscle, the daily dose should be reduced to 1 tablet.